Working Through COVID-19 Norm: 3 Digital Marketing Tips to Consider

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of life. To survive the repercussions, companies from all over the world turn to digital technologies. These solutions are slowly allowing them to weather the crisis, all the while preparing them for the other side of the pandemic. From what we can gather from history books, operations and consumer behaviors will have changed.

And we’re witnessing such changes now—a significant boost in online grocery shopping, an influx of downloads for app-enabled food deliveries, and originally ride-hailing companies pivoting toward the food industry. The world is seemingly in a spiral of fallouts, but one thing is clear: the COVID-19 is accelerating the onset of the digital future.

As you work your way through the new norm, here are three digital marketing tips to consider:

1 – Anticipate consumer needs

Social distancing and isolation lead to boredom, anxiety, stress, and even a sense of loneliness. The effects have radically changed consumer needs, and understanding these is crucial to your marketing efforts. As a brand new problem area, how can your products or services become the solutions?

Through the use of technology, companies are enabled to respond quickly through real-time data. Tracking customer sentiment and insights, also allows you to make well-informed decisions, especially when it comes to digital campaign implementations. An intimate understanding of your target market’s needs will outlast the pandemic, propelling you further into the business landscape

2 – Invest in more technology 

In response to the pandemic, most companies have taken measures to ensure that their IT systems flourish. So far, this has resulted in a smooth transition to remote work, keeping business operations intact. Many also turn to the fortification of their cybersecurity, as many threats have emerged following the crisis. Both efforts are necessary, but some of the most successful companies have taken further steps—technological investments. 

  • SEO: People are online now more than ever, so take this opportunity to built long-term SEO strategies imbued with quality content. Landing page optimization can be a good starting point, as with robust keyword research to enable you to make educational and useful content.
  • YouTube advertising: Google reports that most people under quarantine spend tremendous amounts of time on streaming services, particularly YouTube. With that in mind, use this platform to reach out to new audiences—you’ll be reaping the benefits once the pandemic is over.

3 – Talk to your customers in a new way

As you work through the COVID-19, do not forget about brand awareness. Reach out to your audiences and start a dialogue with them.

Remember that people are stuck in their homes, craving connection. Digital experiences allow them to experience just that, so investing in them matters. Identify what matters the most and improve on your shortcomings—you’ll come out of this with new and stronger customer relationships.

 How do you do this? Reassure your customers. Give them relevant information and data-driven content, all the while doing your part by donating and arranging charity drives. Do what you can to get their attention and position yourself as a brand to trust.


The pandemic is not your downtime—it’s a period of resilience and extra work, especially since you’re battling for your company’s survival. Remember these three digital marketing tips as you plan your course of action. Consider fresh approaches but above all, place your customers at the center!

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