Why You Need Link-Building for Your Brand-New Business

Putting up your own business can be an exciting but also immensely challenging experience. There are so many things to manage when keeping a business alive and thriving. Below each of your main responsibilities are multiple subtasks that will need to be addressed individually.

In terms of marketing, one of these subtasks include link-building. It’s an important aspect of any strong digital marketing campaign, and in this article, we’ll show you why you can’t ignore it.

What is link building?

 Link-building is the initiative to increase the quantity and quality of inbound links to your website. This is performed in different ways. You can focus on producing high-quality content that encourages others to link back to you. You can create content on other websites with your links in them. You can even sign up for services that take generate links to your website.

Search engines perceive these links as a type of recommendation. When more sites are “recommending” your website, your authority grows, which can eventually cause your website to rank higher. It also means that you gain more visibility and credibility, allowing you to gain the trust of your audience.

For even more reasons to start link-building, we’ve provided a couple of added benefits that you definitely don’t want to miss:

Other Benefits of Link-Building 

Forces you to convert customers 

Even if you have thousands of users visiting your website every day, if you do not put in an effort to convert them, then that traffic is all for nothing. When you link-build, you effectively “force” yourself to learn how to convert customers so that your efforts pay off. 

With that said, there are many ways you can convert potential customers into paying buyers. For example, you can have landing pages that highlight promotions or promote newsletters that let your customers know what you have for sale. These tactics help you reach out to more customers and motivate them to buy. 

Enhances brand awareness

If your business is just starting out, link-building can help increase your brand’s awareness within your market. This can also be done with other marketing strategies, of course, but link-building is a little different in that it allows you to tap audiences that you normally wouldn’t be able to.

For example, if you want to target the readers of another blog, you can write guest posts that link back to your business. You can also add your business to a directory where customers looking for a certain type of product or service can find you. In other words, link-building exposes you to new markets that can ultimately bring in more customers.


In conclusion, link-building helps you build your brand awareness and lets you realize the importance of conversions. More importantly, it offers a long-term and cost-effective solution that works better the more you utilize it.

As you slowly build more and more links, your brand awareness will continue to grow larger. Eventually, all those links will form a network of different avenues on the Internet that let you connect with vast audiences and attract them to your business. 

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