What is the Impact of Ranking High on Google? – What to Know

There’s no overstating how important search engine optimization is for inbound marketing. Many businesses are aware that clinching a high ranking on Google and other search engines equate to success. But what does it mean to have a website that is truly optimized? 

For starters, if you can’t make your website visible on the first page of relevant keyword searches, you might not get traffic from search engines. Google, which happens to be the most used search engine on the planet, is fertile ground for inbound marketers. You know you’ve reached inbound marketing success if you can reap conversions from Google searches alone. It will most likely happen if you’re ranked high, which, according to a study, grabs 36.4% of the traffic compared to lower-ranked sites. 

Implementing SEO best practices can help you outrank your competitors and secure your desired spot. What happens if you do, you ask? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy for being at the top of search engine results pages:

You get more traffic.

The higher you rank, the more clicks you get. Search engines report that websites on the top enjoy most of the traffic. The rest get basically crumbs, so it’s important that you get your website to the top. Additionally, if your website becomes visible on the top, that would mean more credibility and trust, which are obvious elements for more leads and traffic.

Build your brand image.

Having a better SERP ranking could mean a better image in the eyes of your potential client. But given that the internet is a competitive market for inbound marketers, it may not always be easy to rank on top within a short amount of time. Although once you get a better ranking position, success runs towards you. You’ll look more credible, resulting in more clients reaching out and wanting to do business with you.

Reduced costs

Compared to pay-per-click advertising, inbound marketing costs significantly lower. This is because most of the leads that inbound marketers generate are directly from search engines. The better your SERP is, the more potential your business has. You can also reduce your advertising costs and not spend as much on paid as since you’ve secured the top spot. Then again, you also have to do everything to keep your high ranking. Just because you’re ranked high now doesn’t mean you will be tomorrow. But as long as you continue implementing best SEO practices, then you would find no issue with keeping your spot. 

Better opportunities for your business

When you’re ranked higher, you’ll gain more visibility, and compel people to visit your site and look around. When this happens, you’re opening yourself to a bigger audience, which could lead to opportunities that you might not otherwise have even thought of. You may gain leads that are out of your initial scope, and you may receive queries from other industries that want to work with you.

Securing a top spot on Google poses a lot of revenue-generating opportunities, but you need to work on your SEO continuously if you want to achieve it. Should you need a Greenwood-based SEO company that can assist you with this, get in touch with Magnitude Marketing.