Web Design Tips: How to Create an Effective Website for Your Business

If you’re a small business and your budget is only good for one online platform, then you should invest that budget on a good website. A website is an essential medium to help with your business growth, acting as your digital storefront in the online world. Not only will a website act as your business’ face, it will help improve your online presence and give people a chance to access information about your business 24/7. It’s also important for exuding professionalism as a company—after all, what company today doesn’t have a website?

Why web design is important

You should note though that purchasing a site isn’t everything. You need to make your site appealing, informative, and easy to find. If not, your website won’t effectively drive traffic or convert leads, making it essentially useless.

Your site is the primary point of contact you have with your customers. It should give off the kind of service you want your customers to get from you in person. 

Characteristics that make a great website design

1. User-friendly interface

Visiting a site should be similar to visiting a store. Once your customer enters, they must feel welcomed. They should be assisted immediately and should be led to where they want to go. As such, you need to design your website with your customers in mind. Make sure your interface is user-friendly, clear, and unintimidating. Use clear web copy and make your backlinks visible to drive extra traffic. Also, more and more users online are surfing the web via mobile, so it’s best to take advantage of this information and make your website mobile-friendly.

2. Search engine optimized (SEO)

A beautiful website will not be worth it if it doesn’t generate the leads necessary for your business growth. Optimizing your website can help achieve this. SEO can be integrated into your web design in two ways: off-page SEO and the on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO uses social signals and integrates quality backlinks for your site to rank on the search engines. On-page SEO, on the other hand, involves adding the keywords in the meta descriptions, alt texts of images, and in your headline to improve the page ranking. 

Thus, visual appeal isn’t everything when it comes to website creation. Make your website search engine optimized so it can give you good results.

3. Prioritize conversion

Once you get more traffic to your website because of your search engine optimization, now is the time to make your website even more hardworking. Here are some design secrets on how you can successfully convert these visitors into sales or subscriptions:

  • Give your site visitors a smooth experience by creating a seamless and intuitive website navigation structure. Having one allows them to continuously browse your site without encountering problems or dead ends. 
  • Use the right colors. Colors are powerful in converting people’s emotions. An effective palette can engage or sway your site visitors, but make sure that how you design your site is still aligned with your business branding.
  • Use powerful words. Words such as “free,” “download now,” and other call-to-actions are more effective for bringing in your desired results. 


Don’t miss out on a good opportunity for your business and invest in a great website today! A website with excellent design is key for effective digital marketing, so work with digital marketing professionals and an experienced designer to give you the quality website your business deserves. 

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