Utilizing Video Media to Boost SEO Performance – Our Guide

The world of digital marketing and media has changed so much in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. One of the things that have made it such a behemoth is the variety of elements that make up its success. The modern-day internet market is a realm that is characterized by domination. The market has become extremely competitive to the point where it seemingly has no space for small or medium enterprises to establish a foothold. 

Years ago, this may have been true, and running a business to the point where it would reach the scale of international markets would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible. But because of all the elements of digital marketing that have surfaced and have been implemented, this has offered a more level playing field for businesses to thrive. Thanks to social media, local businesses have found a platform to thrive on as a jump-off point. 

Asides from the platforms, one of the most proven techniques for growth is the use of regularized content production, and this is where we discuss the most effective method to gather client lead conversions:

People Love Video Content, and So Does Our Favorite Search Engine

Videos are often easier to digest thank chunks of text blocks. It has been found that introducing a landing page video clip to discuss products or services of a brand has had a higher chance of leads converting into paying clients. This is because it is easier to create a memorable video that has so many means to leave a lasting impact on those who view it over paragraphs of text that are dull to the eye.

Those who grew up seeing the dawn of YouTube knew how quickly it grew, and how quickly Google swept it up when they could. This is because video media is favored over any other type of digital media. It’s the same reason why people love movies and TV series so much that they choose those over a thick novel. 

Google has recently modified their search algorithms to prioritize the discovery of video content, which is visible when you search for something like a tutorial. The first results you will find are from YouTube because learning things that are tough are easiest taught through visual aids. 

Integrate and Optimize Video Content on Your Landing Page to Boost SEO Ratings

If your video media on your webpage or domain is highly optimized and very well made, these will all help your site bump up a few places on Search Engine Results Pages. Things like the thumbnails of a video and title will all help grow your site’s click traffic, and potentially turn them into clients. 

Another thing to include when introducing video media is to transcribe it for those who are in high-noise environments or have hearing disabilities. When options like these are available, these show people that your company believes in inclusive development, which people love to see. This comes with making sure keywords are properly integrated into the titles and video descriptions so that they naturally integrate with SEO technologies. 

It would also aid growth when media is published on different platforms. Consider posting video media on your company’s social media page as well to redirect traffic from multiple areas of the internet. With the number of people on social media who own multiple accounts on a variety of platforms, the shares will surely reach a larger audience, therefore leading to better conversions. 


Video content is still in demand and will continue to be a powerful tool for years to come. This is why the growth of an enterprise depends deeply on the range of strategies and tactics used to remain competitive and relevant. 

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