Top 5 Essential SEO Trends to Boost Your Traffic in 2021

Do you ever feel like the most effective SEO techniques keep changing year on year that it’s almost impossible to always keep up? While new practices are being discovered, it’s mostly because of Google becoming more intelligent and more powerful by the minute. Websites, marketers, and SEO professionals need to stay up-to-date with Google’s evolution to keep themselves abreast of what’s happening!

This year, a new set of trends has presented themselves to determine how your company will perform in the digital marketing landscape this 2021. Magnitude Marketing has compiled the five best SEO trends to drive more traffic to your website.

Trend #1: Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Within the last few years, user behavior when searching for information online has significantly changed. According to DialogTech, voice-enabled devices are experiencing rapid growth, to the point that 55% of US households are expected to own smart speaker devices by 2022!

This means that more and more people use voice search to find what they are looking for online. As such, now’s the time to focus on voice search optimization for your website.

Trend #2: Prioritize User Experience

With Google focusing more on AI machines like RankBrain for their algorithm, it’s crucial to shift into more user-experience-centric SEO practices.

RankBrain is Google’s third most important ranking factor that observes how users interact with the search results. The more users spend time on a website, the more chances it can stay at a higher ranking based on RankBrain’s judgment. This puts the spotlight on user experience as a top priority to keep users from bouncing off and disregarding your website!

Trend #3: Focus on Search Intent

Search intent can be characterized by the reason behind a user’s search query. Basically, it’s about how exhaustive or how specific a search is. It’s no longer enough to rely on keywords alone because the context around those keywords now matters more than ever.

If you want to optimize your website to accommodate a user’s search intent, you need content that addresses the user’s needs and not just pages that only talk about the products and services you offer.

Trend #4: Write Longer Content

Longer content means having more room for backlinks and even higher chances of accumulating backlinks from other websites. By taking advantage of that, you get better rankings and more traffic. That doesn’t mean you always have to strive to create 2,000-word blog posts. Instead, you can always refresh some of your old content, add something new to it, and make it longer.

Trend #5: Design for Mobile First

While voice search is still relatively new, mobile optimization is something that’s been around for quite some time. Just last year, Google announced that their mobile smartphone user-agent would be primarily used to crawl sites. This means that websites optimized for mobile will be crawled and indexed way ahead of your website’s desktop version! If you still haven’t optimized your site for mobile, or if it needs updating, now’s the time to do it.


Whether you’re a business owner with a website or a digital marketer trying to keep up in the industry, knowing the latest on SEO practices will help you stay ahead of the competition. It might require a lot of effort to do this, but it’s worth your time and money to see your website gain more traffic because of your adjustments.

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