The Benefits of Digital Marketing Being Personalized

A hot trend that has steadily been on the rise for Greenwood marketing has been personalization. The average consumer has grown to expect an experience that is personalized in some way, shape, or form. At this point, personalized ads are the preference of a whopping 71% of consumers.

While some businesses have been able to thrive, many are struggling with personalization. This is an issue since it improves conversion rates. It also leads to an increase in return of investment (ROI). However, it’s never too late for companies or organizations to be able to improve personalization in digital marketing in Greenwood, IN and elsewhere.

What does it mean to personalize digital marketing?

In a nutshell, personalization in digital marketing means ensuring that consumers’ unique preferences and needs are met at an individual level. Personal experiences are brought to them based on demographics, their engagement or interaction history, purchase history, and their behavior when browsing. While there is a lot of data to sift through, what matters most to be able to get marketing personalized is declared or first-party data. This is because you can rely on this the most compared to anything else you may receive. 

What does it mean to have declared data?

There are avenues that consumers can go through wherein they are able to interact directly with their business. That information is basically what declared data is. Demographic data can be validated in this way, and marketers can best identify their customers’ desires, needs, and wants.

There are so many parts of a potential customer’s journey that can undergo personalization. Things like recommendations for services and products, alerts for sales, content of ads, discount offers, emails, and landing pages are just some of the many possibilities. 

Back in the day, salespeople in local stores knew their customers on a personal level of some type: their name, their regular order, and what they like or dislike. Digitally, this is the same effect you’re trying to achieve.

Brands can get ahead of the game in personalization by applying it to their marketing from the start. As you go about personalizing aspects of your digital marketing, make sure that the data you use is meaningful.

Some of the many benefits of digital personalization marketing include:

  • Boosted customer loyalty – Boosting customer loyalty through having given their consumers precisely what they want
  • Lowered customer acquisition expenses – Customer acquisition expenses are lowered up to 50% less
  • A boost in ROI – When personalization is advanced, there can be a return of $20 for every $1 that is spent
  • An increase in sales – Up to 80% of all consumers have an incredibly high chance of purchasing from a business that is able to offer them personalized experiences
  • Repeat purchases tend to increase – Up to 44% of buyers will purchase from a brand again after a personalized experience


The latest trend in digital marketing is personalization. It’s so important for companies and organizations to be able to offer consumers a personalized experience as there are several benefits to this. These include an increase in return of investment and a significant improvement of conversion rates.

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