Quality Over Quantity: The Basics of Backlinks in Online Marketing

Digital marketers are aware that one of the best tools to rank a website higher in search results is through high-quality backlinks. Yes, you may rely on your content, your website interface, and its many colorful designs, but without the help of backlinks, it may very well get lost in the shuffle, along with the other websites that are at the bottom of the list.

If you happen to have your own branding and website, chances are, you would like to rank higher as well. As mentioned, backlinks are one of the most efficient ways to achieve that, but what if you have little to no knowledge about its concepts at all? No worries, as we’ve listed down a couple of helpful information that may help you manage your website and boost your backlink’s effectiveness.

What Is a Backlink?

Basically, it is a link that leads from one website to another. It may seem insignificant at first, but you must remember that whenever another website links towards your page, your brand’s online reputation will increase, owing to the fact that linking back to you would only mean that your site has something important to offer that others may find helpful. For example, if you happen to be browsing a car forum and another member is looking for a certain tire, you may leave a link in the comments directing them toward the tire brand’s page.

The same principle may apply to your website, wherein the more backlink that other sites will have towards your brand, the higher that you will rank.

How Do Backlinks Increase Your Website Ranking?

Google is sorting out and analyzing your backlinks. They will determine whether or not your links were really able to help others out with their needs and wants. The thing is, it doesn’t even matter how many links your link builders will leave behind on various websites. If they aren’t helpful, they will just be considered spam, and this may even lead to Google penalizing your brand, so be careful.

What Makes a Backlink High-Quality? 

The link alone doesn’t determine the quality of a backlink. You also have to consider whether or not it looks natural. Having a great keyword, using the link in a valid situation and conversation, and the link directing to the exact needs of the other user mostly are factors to consider. Be sure that your link builders aren’t just posting the links and keywords randomly. Otherwise, it will just look like any other spam that is often flagged and erased by the website admins and Google.


Backlinks are vital for a website’s ranking. Without them, your site may either lack the organic traffic or online presence it needs to thrive. Having no backlinks can also lead to your brand not having enough sales. By investing in good links and keywords, your link builders will be able to drop a couple of high-quality backlinks that will help rank your site higher in the search results. Take time to analyze the link drop opportunities and do your best to make it look natural to avoid being flagged as spam.

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