2021 Local SEO Tactics That Can Boost Your Business’ Online Presence

Now that almost everything is online, it is only imperative that your local customers find your shop on the internet. But there’s a catch to it. If your customers fail to find your shop on their google search results and instead find your competitors, then that might be a problem for your business. 

It’s time to step up your entrepreneurial game with Search Engine Optimization, and we’re here to tell you why. But first, we’ll let you know all about SEO, how it can boost your business, and the best tactics to use in 2021.

Understanding Local SEO

SEO refers to optimizing a particular brand’s online presence to get a higher ranking in search engine results like Google. How it works is it takes specific keywords, links, and other tactics related to your brand. 

It uses these to increase your brand’s online presence and visibility, so potential customers find it first. It might also include relating your website and services to your city, so people within your site find it easier to locate your business. 

Using local SEO to optimize your online presence in your local area means getting at the top of the game. That could mean better business, say, for your store of beauty products or your car repair shop, than similar businesses in your area. 

So, if you want your business to thrive, it’s best to use local SEO services and strategies to boost your shop’s online presence. Here are some of them.

3 Best Local SEO Strategies for Your Business

  • Local Citations

One of SEO’s best tactics is citation building, which sends out accurate and consistent data about your brand to listing directories. This tactic lets search engines locate your business, therefore allowing your customers to find you.

Citation building also strengthens your online credibility since it allows search engines to refer to these citations and assist potential customers in locating you. Of course, that means that the information you send out to listing directories must be 100 percent correct and accurate. 

  • Google My Business Listing

Another good local SEO strategy is getting a Google My Business listing, which lets you acquire metrics about your brand’s online customer engagement. It also locates your business name on Google Maps, which customers commonly use to find shops.

  • Keyword Research

Once you have a Google My Business listing set up, you can perform keyword research to optimize your website based on your location and business type. 

To elaborate, if you own a local tattoo shop, helpful keywords would be “tattoo designs,” “tattoo ink,” “dragon tattoo,” and “piercing shop”. You can insert these keywords into your webpage through title tags and meta descriptions. However, be careful about stuffing your content with unnecessary keywords since it won’t optimize your SEO efforts. 

Getting Down to Business

Knowing to optimize SEO and how it works is an excellent strategy in boosting your business. It’s also essential that you take these strategies into strengthening your local SEO efforts. However, if you feel like some of this jargon flew past your head, it’s also a good idea to hire professionals to do the SEO work for your business.

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