Local SEO Myths That Could Be Hurting Your Business

If you own a local business, you might have heard about the importance of optimizing your pages for better performance. With lots of content about SEO, you probably have come across different tips to help you boost your game. However, you need to distinguish which among them are truths and which are myths. This article will enumerate the most common myths about local search engine optimization and how they could negatively affect your business. 

Here are some myths to watch out for:

Myth 1: Google My Business Does Not Help

Some local stores do not take Google My Business seriously. However, they do not know that they are missing out a lot from not taking advantage of this free platform. Registering your business in GMB can help your business in two ways:

  1. Your business can reach more potential customers looking for similar companies and products.
  2. Google can know that your business exists. The recorded information—your address, pin in the map, phone number, store hours—can help people find your business.

If your business is not on Google, you are missing opportunities. Make sure that you register and keep it updated.

Myth 2: Your NAP is the only relevant information on GMB

Indeed, your NAP (name, address, and phone number) are essential things people look for when searching online. In fact, these details can make your business searchable and also lead them to conversion. 

However, if you are putting your business out there, do not only rely on this information alone. You also need to provide other convincing details that they typically look for. 

Pictures, featured deals, business hours, descriptions, and reviews are all relevant. While the previous information could help them find your business. These other details could encourage them to check it out instead of considering your competition. 

Myth 3: Google Penalizes GMB Listings That Do Not Follow Their Guidelines

Google maintains specific guidelines to make the platform fair to all businesses. While it is true that it suspends any account that fails to follow as stated, it does not cause a ranking downgrade. Expect Google to take down your listing until you have resolved the issue, but do not worry about your ranking. 

Usually, Google penalizes listings that use category names in their business name. Some businesses commit this on purpose to increase their chances of SEO ranking improvement. However, it is a strategy that does not work on Google.

Myth 4: If You Have Citations, It Can Boost Your SEO

Being mentioned as a citation is a good way to promote your business. However, it would not affect your SEO ranking as much as a backlink. A backlink is when other web pages link to your website in their content. You should know that Google prioritizes backlinks for ranking basis more than written citations. With a backlink, people can easily click on the link to your website.


SEO is the leading marketing tool should you want to improve your online presence. While there are many techniques and tips online to help you optimize your web presence, you should be mindful of how to properly use these tips. 

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