PPC Optimization: A 5-Step Guide To Boosting Your Conversions

Using pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an effective method you can utilize for your ads to reach a vast and targeted online audience. From its name, it is a paid ad that can help you see results in an instant. Once you win an advertisement for a specific keyword you choose, you’ll immediately see spikes in your website traffic. 

However, did you know that you can further optimize your PPC campaigns to get even better results and overtake your competitors in the rankings? We’ll tell you how to achieve that in this article. 

What does PPC optimization mean?

PPC optimization isn’t as complicated as it seems. It entails tweaking some elements of your PPC ads to land on the best pages and get even more clicks. 

Here are the three critical elements of PPC you need to consider:

  • Your ad composition (text, photos, colors, design, etc.)
  • Keyword targeting
  • Ad landing pages

If you’re already a PPC user, you probably have an idea about the different PPC elements you can customize. To help you even further, here’s a quick 5-step guide that you can use to make the most of your PPC efforts and generate high conversions from your online ads.

How to Optimize Your PPC

Step 1: Find the best keyword for your ad

The key to a successful PPC ad is finding the right keywords that will generate the most clicks for your ad. You can start by using generic keywords related to your business, and from there, you can tweak and make them long-tail keywords. 

You can do this by being more specific or adding descriptive words to make your keywords more targeted. This step does not end there—you need to check if all the keywords you listed would have good enough search volume. Use a keywords tool to gain insight into the volume and competition status of your chosen keywords. 

Step 2: List down negative keywords

Apart from listing down keywords that would work for your brand, it would be best if you also listed down words you do not want to associate with your keywords. These are referred to as your negative keywords. 

For example, you have a bakery selling chocolate cake. You don’t want people searching for “chocolate bar” or “chocolate cookies” in your bakery. You can include these phrases in your negative keywords list. That way, you’d get just the searches you needed. 

Step 3: Utilize the demographic targeting for your PPC

Google Ads is a platform that has made their demographic targeting more comprehensive than before. You can set a specific range for age, gender, income level, or geographic location. The more detailed you build your targeting, the better audience you’d reach with your ads. With this feature, you are ensuring that your payment would be put to the best use. 

Step 4: Test your ad

To make sure your ads would work, test them out first! Create two ads with varying copies or looks. Setting up an A/B test for your ad will allow you to see which option will work better and get more clicks. 

With an A/B test, you can check if the color, landing page, and call-to-action you used are competent enough. Google will allow you to test these two ads and help you find the best one you can use to promote your business or product. 

Step 5: Make a compelling landing page

One of the most crucial elements of your PPC campaign is your landing page. It is the web page where the online users would end up after clicking your ad. 

Make sure that your landing page would be convincing enough to make the conversion possible. Here are some guidelines you can consider:

  • Add good, quality photo of the product you’re selling
  • Add the price
  • Must have complete information about the product
  • Put an influential call to action


To put it simply, you need to optimize your PPC to augment your ads for search. You’ll make the most of your PPC campaign if you learn how to optimize your PPC ads properly. Start with the five strategies we presented and see how much of a difference they’ll bring to your web traffic.

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