Methods To Measure The Success Of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

While marketing during the old days was extremely expensive and limited, with the options of advertising on the radio, newspapers and on TV, these don’t come close to today’s methods. Decades ago, to get your brand across to people, you would have needed to invest in a graphic maker to make your ad for a print release or spend even more on a TV commercial. Nowadays, digital marketing and advertising are much more accessible for most businesses. With everyone ditching radio, print editions of magazines and newspapers, and even television slowly, companies have started to invest more in online advertising to reach more people. 

While it has become cheaper and more accessible, it is also still quite complex to operate a successful campaign. With the increasing amount of businesses popping up all over the world, your advertising will be fighting the competition for clients. Fortunately, there are techniques that are known, tried, and tested, and can easily be tweaked to fit the standards of your ad campaign. Here are some methods to measure the success of your content marketing efforts:

Measure In Terms Of Consumption

The best part about modern marketing is that online statistics are always being tracked by apps and programs, so gathering data is so much easier for reference. Consumption data simply shows how well your ads are being noticed, or if people are clicking and buying. All platforms you place your ad on should have insight tools, such as Google’s analytics tool, and social media statistics on Facebook ads, and others. Use this data to gain a better understanding of the market, and what to tweak about your campaign. 

Using Website Analytics, you have a wide variety of tools that allow you to measure you website metrics. Through apps like this, you can see total page views, unique visitors, popular posts, and other demographics that can aid you in adjusting your marketing strategy. 

Measure In Terms Of Social Sharing

This method is all about interactions between customers and your business, as well as with other peers and related entities. Social sharing generates a loyal following and customer base for your brand, as this means people are sharing your website link to others because of good service or nice products. Using this kind of data, you can see what content and campaigns are effective that get people talking about your brand and products. With this, you can shift your focus on either continuing to promote the popular items or bump up campaigns for the less popular ones to get more customers.

From here, you can also see different types of responders to your ads. You can identify responders that are potential customers, ones that fit the criteria, those who are not targeted customers, and those in between. This will help you find a good way to tweak your digital marketing strategy to attract more customers and to expand the reach of your website. 


Remember that digital marketing is all about analyzing data and finding trends that can help your business grow. Compared to decades ago where data was harder to find, most of it nowadays is done through automated programs, which makes modern business extremely streamlined. The goal of any marketing campaign using advertisements is to grow your customer base and increase conversions of leads into paying customers, so utilize data tools ASAP. 

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