Maximizing Your Profit This Season Through Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 crisis caused great devastation. World leaders peg the death toll around 5 million people, but The Economists say it may be more than that. They point out that early on, many victims were not reported. Thus, the numbers might not be accurate.

The pandemic did not only bring misfortune. It also brought about a shift in consumer behavior. Forbes and other leading financial journals picked up on this trend last year. If you are an entrepreneur, you should grab this advantage.

With Christmas fast approaching, you must work as quickly as possible to beat your competitors. But to guarantee your company’s success during this shopping season, you should reach out to a digital marketing company.

The Ever-Important Landing Page

Most business owners (unless they are tech-savvy) do not understand the difference between a standard website and a landing page. You can use the former to attract traffic. But a digital marketing company will utilize the latter to draw the attention of paying customers to specific offers.

What is great about this setup is that you do not have to update the entire website. All you need to do is regularly revise the offers on your landing page. Doing this will keep your entire site relevant. But before you do anything, you must consider the following:

  1.       The overall layout should be consistent.
  2.   Other than presenting the holiday offers on the landing page, you should also display them on your homepage or in the banner.
  3.       There should be links to direct users to the intended offer or service.

Last Minute Reviews

How confident are you with customer service? When it comes to holiday marketing, you must review the sales process – from start to end. You might think that there is no need because you are not facing any customers.

Contrary to popular belief, customer service exists in digital marketing. It is present during the conversion process or in the checkout line. Customer service ensures that there is no gap.

An excellent example would be your website’s easy navigation. With this said, you should review the checkout process steps on both desktop and mobile device versions. It would be best if you did this before your holiday promotional period.

Traffic Influx

You must make sure that your website works. It has to load quickly, or else your customers will lose interest. Before you launch your holiday promotion, you should ensure that your servers can withstand the higher-than-normal levels of web traffic.

You can also execute the following backup plans:

  1.       Reach out to a “failover” site. It will be your backup server if your host cannot handle the traffic.
  2.       Reach out to your payment processor if they can handle bulk orders.
  3.       Reach out to your merchant services before your holiday promotional period and ask if their system can handle these circumstances.


The pandemic changed the world. This forced us to challenge ourselves to keep up with the revolution. Although online shopping is not a result of the COVID-19 crisis, it became an undeniable conquest to marketing gurus.

Through digital marketing, you can make the most out of this online shopping trend. At Magnitude Marketing, a digital marketing service in Greenwood, IN, our goal is to create the most suitable marketing strategies for our clients because we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. If you want to maximize your profit this holiday season, call us now for a consultation!