Top 5 Local SEO Tips To Prep Your Business for the Holidays

While holidays are innately celebratory, everyone understands that they also come with worry and planning. Throughout the craziness of buying gifts for loved ones and decorating, you mustn’t lose sight of your business SEO strategy. Here are a few local SEO tips to help you prepare your business for the upcoming holiday season.

1. Ensure Your Google My Business Profile is Updated

One of the most crucial things that many local business owners overlook during the holidays is updating their Google My Business profile. Many businesses have varied hours over the holidays. Therefore it is critical to update your holiday business hours.

If your website also shows your regular business hours, make sure to update those as well with your holiday hours. This is vital because you don’t want clients attempting to call your business or, even worse, driving to your business only to find it closed. This may irk customers and discourage them from doing further business with you.

2. Don’t Neglect the User Experience

A well-designed website with optimized content is a fantastic start, but it is only half the battle. To boost your local SEO during the holiday season, you must go above and above with your website user experience. A visitor is more likely to remain and convert if they have a smooth purchase process on your website. A local SEO specialist can assist you with a thorough analysis of your website. They know what to look for and how to make things right.

They can detect bottlenecks such as sluggish page speeds, lack of responsiveness, broken links, and bad design. It is critical to address these challenges ahead of time to provide an exceptional user experience as traffic increases. It also impacts your SEO rankings, which are essential for your exposure throughout the holiday season.

3. Use Holiday-Relevant Keywords

Another suitable method for increasing your company’s rankings and traffic over the holiday season is to create content that includes seasonal keywords. You may either edit existing material with these new keywords or create whole new stuff. The mix of your company-specific keywords with holiday keywords can significantly improve the optimization of your website.

4. Publish New Sales Content and Promotions

Similarly, you may develop temporary content for any Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals your company intends to run. The initial aim of this technique is to generate holiday money; SEO may be secondary, especially if you intend to remove those Black Friday discounts from the site afterward.

Consider building an evergreen “Discounts and Sales” page on your website as a compromise between the two techniques. That way, you can keep it up to date with current specials throughout the year, include it into your link-building plan, and optimize it for clients who are expressly looking for site promo codes.

5. Don’t Plan Last Minute

Initiating your planning mode may be one of the most critical stages on this whole list! Begin scheduling social media posts, preparing email newsletters, developing fresh content, and establishing new sales/coupons. It is far preferable to be prepared for the Christmas season rather than trying to get everything done at the last minute.


Your SEO plan will take time to deploy and begin functioning, and Google’s algorithm will not work twice as hard just because it’s the Christmas season. So, if you want your site to attract and keep holiday customers, now is the time to examine your SEO strategy and begin making changes.

If your business needs help optimizing its local SEO for the upcoming holidays, Magnitude Marketing is here to assist. Our SEO agency in Greenwood can help your brand grow its revenue and profit through our custom SEO campaigns designed to meet your business goals. Sign up now or call 317-215-5781 to learn more!