Local SEO: Its Importance for Businesses in 2020

Online marketing is vital for businesses today. In this technologically-advanced world, you need to keep up with the changes. There are many online marketing strategies widely implemented today, but one thing stands out—local SEO.

Consumers today search locally before they purchase a product or service. Therefore, a local SEO strategy is essential for businesses today because it can bring in new customers more effectively.

Here are the reasons local SEO is essential in 2020:

Highly-Targeted & Timely

One of the main reasons consumers search locally is to find a particular brand, service, or produce that can solve their problems. If consumers are looking for a specific business, they’re probably looking for how they can contact you. Through local SEO, you can provide all the details that your customer needs.

Website Visibility on Local Listings

Local SEO can rank your business in any targeted location. Consumers today find it comfortable to seek businesses within their area. When your business is found in local search results, the higher the chances you’ll gain new clients.

High Conversion Rate

Local SEO drives targeted traffic, which means that it can deliver a better conversion rate. Individuals who are looking for more localized terms or content are more likely to convert. Why? It’s because this person is typically in the area of your business, which has a higher chance that he or she will contact your company.

These are the three main reasons local SEO is essential in 2020. Now, if you already have a local SEO strategy, how can you improve it? Here are some tips:

1. Use Google My Business (GMB)

Every local SEO strategy involves a GMB listing because it’s the fastest way to get your business on local searches.

2. Gather online reviews

More and more people today read online reviews about a product or service before they purchase or visit a business. You can do this by asking your customers to leave a positive review of your business online.

3. Ensure your contact details are consistent

Your business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) must be consistent online. Also, ensure that they are working, so customers can actually reach you.

4. Optimize your site for local searchers

Keywords are essential for local SEO. The keywords used for local SEO contains the specific location of the business. You must place these keywords strategically on your website to help boost your local rankings.

5. Submit listings to online directories

To help boost your online presence, you need to submit listings to local directories, such as Yelp.


Just like with regular SEO, local SEO is here to stay. A lot of businesses today are implementing local SEO strategies. If you own a business that serves one or multiple local areas, you can highly benefit from local SEO. However, it can get complicated for some, especially those who don’t know much about SEO and other forms of online marketing.

Don’t worry, there’s help available for you. The rise of digital marketing brings forward an influx of online marketing companies that provide SEO and local SEO services. You don’t need to know everything there is to know about local SEO to make it work for your business. Hire a local SEO company like Magnitude Marketing and let them take care of your local SEO needs while you take care of other important parts of the business.

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