4 Local SEO Best Practices Your Business Needs Today

When it comes to local SEO, your business should follow many best practices. While no two companies have the same online presence and search engine optimization needs, there are some universal truths that your small business may need to abide by to succeed.

1. Make Sure NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is Consistent

The most effective way to ensure that your local SEO is on point is to ensure that your business’s NAP information is consistent in your website, local citations, social profiles, and wherever else you’re listed.

Google uses the NAP information to verify that the business exists and ensure that the user gets the most accurate listing when they search in Google Maps.

2. Have the Right Fields in Your GMB & Local Business Listings

Every local listing you set up needs to be complete. One of the most vital aspects of a business listing is the location. You need to make sure that you have a complete address for your business on every listing.

Being sloppy with the address could be a deal-breaker when it comes to user experience, search optimization, and the overall quality of your listing.

Another detail that should not be overlooked is the city and state fields. This can be a major issue for those that operate in more than one city. If you have more than one location, you will want to make sure that your business is listed under the right address.

Keep in mind that you can only claim your business in one location. So if you have multiple locations, you will have to pick which one you’re going to claim.

While you cannot claim your business in multiple locations, you can add nearby locations to your business listing.

3. Get Reviews & Ratings

Your customer reviews are one of your biggest assets for local SEO. Reviews are a great way to share valuable information with customers who are looking for your business.

So make sure that you encourage your customers to review your business on Google and other third-party review sites. The more reviews you have, the better your business will rank in the search engines.

4. Optimize On-Page Content on Local Pages

When it comes to local SEO, your on-page content is the most important aspect of your website. Not only does on-page content help Google verify your business, but it also helps you get found by searchers who are looking for you.

Make sure to keep your on-page content fresh, use as many keywords as possible, and make sure to include your keywords when writing your website content.

Your website should be a hub of information that can be used to attract customers to your business.

Local SEO is a complex process that takes time to reach its full potential. While there’s no magic formula for local SEO, it’s still important that your small business makes an effort to rank in local search results.

Get it Right

While it may take some time to see the results from local SEO, it’s worth your business’ time to be listed at the top of the search results. If your business is consistent with its NAP, makes sure that your listing information is accurate, and builds a positive reputation online, your business will go a long way to improving your local SEO.

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