4 Common Issues That Can Harm Your Site’s PPC Performance

PPC stands for pay-per-click; therefore, you want to make sure you’re paying for the best clicks. However, there may be mistakes with your Google Ads account that can degrade the effectiveness of your ads, and you may not even be aware of it! 

Here are some PPC issues that you should address with an agency that offers digital marketing in Greenwood, IN, as soon as possible:  

1. Conversion Settings 

One of the best approaches to assess the performance of your PPC ads is to look at conversions. It will be challenging to monitor the performance of your efforts and discover where improvements are needed if the conversions are not correctly set up. 

How to Solve It: Use Google Analytics to Import Conversions 

One of the simplest methods to set up conversions in Google Ads is to import your conversions from Google Analytics. You can easily do this with a few mouse clicks. Review the conversions once they’ve been imported to ensure they’re all conversions you want to optimize in your Google Ads campaigns. 

2. Incorrect or Outdated Location Targeting

When establishing a campaign, one of the first things to set up is location targeting, but have you checked your location settings? Has your company grown or relocated since you started your campaigns? It’s time to review your location preferences!

How to Solve It: Examine and Update Your Location Targeting

By clicking “Locations” on the left-hand menu, you can examine your current location settings and see your current campaign statistics broken down by location. To change the target, click the pencil symbol. Do you have any places you’d want to leave off the list? You may accomplish the same thing by selecting “Excluded” and going through the same steps.

3. Lack of Ad Scheduling

An ad schedule determines the time of day your ads are broadcast. By default, your ads will be displayed 24 hours, seven days a week. However, this schedule may not be the ideal match, and you may be wasting money by running advertising when no one is available to take calls.

How to Solve It: Implement Ad Scheduling

If you have planned an ad schedule, you should check data broken down by day and hour in the table under settings, select “More,” and then “Ad Schedule.” If you don’t have an ad schedule yet, you can quickly create one by clicking the pencil symbol.

4. Unmatched Keyword Intent 

If the search intent of your target term doesn’t match the product or service you’re delivering, you’re likely to squander money on hits that aren’t relevant to your business. 

How to Solve It: Perform A Keyword Audit

The keywords that fall into this group are usually the ones that cost the most. They might get a conversion now, but it will be at a considerably higher cost-per-conversion. Begin by going over your keywords and arranging them by price with a performance-based SEO agency.

Keywords that don’t fit the aim of your product or service should be paused. Review your search terms report after that. Negative keywords are phrases for which you don’t want your advertising to appear in the future. Also, watch out for potential new keywords to replace those you just halted in your ads.


PPC is constantly evolving, and with so many moving pieces, keeping your account running as effectively as possible may be challenging. A PPC partner that offers digital strategy consulting in Greenwood may relieve you of the day-to-day responsibilities of campaign management.

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