5 Instagram Ad Mistakes That Can Harm Your Marketing Campaign

Within a few short years, Instagram has transformed from being a platform for selfies, food photos, and inspirational quotes into a place where brands can share their messages to the world, engage with their customers, and grow their business.

Indeed, it will be a smart move for businesses to invest in digital advertising campaigns, particularly on Instagram. However, many brands do not find success with their Instagram ads, and they make mistakes that can cost them ad dollars, lost revenue, and even their brand reputation.

Don’t let yourself make the same mistakes. Keep reading to get access to the most common Instagram ad errors you can make and what you can do instead.

Mistake #1: Failing to Have a Goal-Focused Strategy

Advertising campaigns usually have extremely diverse goals. Some are targeted for brand awareness, while others are aimed towards growing Instagram followers and engagement. There are ads for driving traffic towards a web page, downloading an app, or signing up for a free trial.

You can’t accomplish all of these things in a single ad. You have to be clear in defining your goal early on and create a particular strategy for that specific campaign. This way, you will deliver a specific message across, and your target audience will not feel lost on what they should do.

Mistake #2: Failing to Deliver a Message in Less than 60 Seconds

The thing about social media advertising is that you have to be ready to deliver a message within a few seconds. If you’re posting in your Instagram stories, you have to fit everything into 15 seconds. If you’re posting on your feed, limit it to 60 seconds so that it won’t be redirected to IGTV.

So, if you are planning on cross-posting your creative content across various accounts, take a moment to optimize your content for Instagram to meet the platform’s particular needs.

Mistake #3: Failing to Use Unique Instagram-Specific Ad Copy

As you edit the visuals you put out and add slight differences to separate Facebook from Instagram, you should do the same for the captions. The copy you use for Instagram must vary from other social media sites simply because the formatting is different depending on the platform.

For example, Instagram doesn’t have text breaks and headlines unless you use some text editing apps. However, these things aren’t compatible with all types of devices, which eliminates the purpose of connecting to your audience. As Instagram is mainly a visual platform, think about the copy you will use and ensure it is perfectly optimized.

Mistake #4: Failing to Take Care of and Convert Your Leads

If your Instagram ads help you obtain leads, you did a good job. However, taking care of those leads and converting them into sales is what matters in the end. You will waste the time you spend crafting your ads if you don’t process the leads. Follow through with a well-executed sales funnel, or work with a digital marketing agency to design one for you.

Final Thoughts

Instagram advertising is a relatively new element of marketing your business, so it is understandable if you’re feeling unsure about how to handle it. However, spending time and effort to learn more about Instagram ads can help you adapt to today’s trends and help you stay on top of your competitors.

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