How to Know Your Audience Better: Simpler Methods to Use

Trying to reach all types of people in your marketing can clutter and make your message confusing. While dealing with a wide range of audiences makes your business more flexible and seemingly gives you endless opportunities, it can also backfire. Talking to an identified target audience would make it easier for you to capture their attention, meet their needs, and provide them with things they love. 

The secret to gaining trust and attention is by getting to know them. To achieve this, you need to gain valuable insights through a series of studies, but fortunately, there are simpler and more feasible ways to make that happen. Here are some methods you can try that can help you understand your audience better:

Conduct a Survey or an Interview

You can get easy-to-understand data if you would go out and interview your people yourself. By doing this, you can also understand their data. It does not always have to be face to face, although that can indeed help. There are also more straightforward means, such as:

  • Creating a poll that your audience can easily see
  • Targeting specific people and have a brief phone call with them
  • Creating a survey through email

Utilize Your Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you understand how your digital presence works. In case you have not yet explored this feature, you can learn much from it if you know the right areas to break down. 

On Interest

One crucial insight you should check is your audience’s interests. It can showcase your audience’s preferences. Given these facts, you can create content based on these topics. Just go to the Audience button, then to Interests and Overview. It will display a list and its appropriate percentage. 

On Mobile Device Used

You can also check the type of mobile device they use to visit your site. By knowing this and their browser preference, you can gather insights into improving your website. Remember that the performance of your site is different on every device and every search engine. Consider enhancing your website for those with the highest user engagement to make the experience even better for them. 

Review Your Social Insights

Another essential thing to check is your social insights. Through this method, you can understand who your audience is and their demographic. 

On Facebook Insight

Check on your Facebook page’s “People” tab to determine the type of audience you are more likely to interact with. This can show you the people who liked your page. It would also display statistics about the people you have engaged with, regardless of whether they liked or followed your social page. Through this, you can gain an idea of what kind of audience you attract. 

On Instagram Insight

The analytics system on Instagram only works for business accounts, so make sure to turn yours into one first. The Instagram insight can inform you of what your likers are like in your posts. That insight could help you identify the type of content to prioritize next, including the proper timing of when to post them.

On LinkedIn Analytics

Your LinkedIn profile also allows you to explore the same features. If you check the Analytics dashboard, you could see the number of people who visit your page and the number of people who follow your page. 


Businesses that know how to treat their customers right stay the longest in the industry. For a small business, understanding the audience is one of the most important things you can do. The more you know them, the better you can provide them with what they need and want. You can determine the appropriate marketing method that would help you attract new customers or improve your current offerings.

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