Here’s Why Your About and Contact Pages are Important for SEO

When it comes to optimizing your website for SEO, the first things that would probably come to your mind are your blogs and landing pages. These pages play a key role in improving your search engine rankings and driving your online visibility. They’re also what you usually tweak and enhance to show up in your targeted keywords. 

With that said, it’s worth mentioning that your About and Contact pages help your SEO as well. 

While they could not rank in results pages as your other webpages do, they help establish your business as a professional and trustworthy firm. Consequently, solidifying your credibility online positively impacts the performance of the pages you want to drive traffic to. 

In the sections below, dig deeper into how refining your About and Contact pages can turbocharge your SEO. 

Why Your About and Contact Pages Matter 

One thing you must know about Google is that it has a Search Quality Rating program. In this scheme, search results are manually reviewed by raters according to a set of guidelines. If you have time to spare, you can read the complete list of these Search Quality Rating guidelines online. 

In essence, Google instructs its raters to look not just at the page in question but at the rest of the website as well. What’s interesting is that the guidelines specifically tell raters to view the About and Contact pages, among others. 

Considering this, it’s safe to say that the more contact information you provide, the better. On top of that, you need to explain who you are and what you do clearly. This is because Google wants to know who is responsible for a certain website. 

Supplying sufficient contact information and providing an in-depth background of who you are can boost your EAT. This stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. While there is no E-A-T algorithm per se, it is essentially incorporated into how Google ranks contents. After all, its ultimate aim is to offer its users the highest quality of content available. 

How to Enhance Your About and Contact Pages 

It’s easy to say that you’re a leader in this industry or the “number one” provider in that locality. While people don’t usually take the time to research your claims, remember that Google does! 

In reality, Google raters are tasked to find independent sources that support the claims you make on your About page. Considering this, it’s a smart idea to include any notable press mentions you have on this page. You may also add awards that you have won and recognitions you’ve received from esteemed firms. Doing these can help boost your EAT in Google’s eyes. 

On the other hand, you can enhance your Contact page by offering your visitors and prospects different ways to get in touch with you. Aside from adding an email address, include your business’ phone number, social media links, and physical address as well. If you have a particularly large firm, adding separate contact information for each department is also a smart idea. 

Furthermore, if your business has multiple locations, make sure to create a separate page for each of them. Each must contain their own contact numbers and addresses. Finally, don’t forget to include links to these pages in your main contact page. 


Although your About and Contact pages do not rank as well as the other pages in your website, they can still impact your overall SEO performance. It is for this reason that you must not simply wing it when it comes to creating content for these pages. Rather, give these enough time, thought, and attention. Follow the tips mentioned above and strive to create comprehensive About and Contact pages. Doing so will help you establish your firm’s online reputation and, ultimately, your online presence. 

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