Here’s How You Can Help Save Your Business Despite COVID-19

More than half a year has passed since coronavirus first poised itself to threaten public health and the global economy. In an attempt to minimize the spread of the virus, many countries have implemented lockdowns and district social distancing protocols. As a result, countless businesses have closed down, and sadly, some of those had shut down permanently. However, the effects of COVID-19 is not limited to only traditional companies; it has significantly affected eCommerce as well.

Although reports show that many people today rely on the internet to communicate with their loved ones and purchase their basic needs from home, the sales rate of eCommerce has dramatically dropped. This is because many people are coping with reduced income or worse, unemployment. Due to these circumstances, many retail businesses online are struggling to make sales.

So, how do you market your products or services given what is currently happening? Here are two options you can take to help save your business despite the effects of COVID-19 on the economy:

Option #1: Shift from sales to branding

As mentioned, eCommerce sales have dropped. However, that doesn’t mean that the number of active online users has decreased as well. Since many people stay at their homes to practice social distancing and self-quarantining, many of them spend more of their time online.

With that said, you shouldn’t stop promoting your brand. What you can do to adjust to the situation is to shift your marketing from sales to branding temporarily. Instead of convincing people to purchase your offered products or services, you should build and establish brand awareness and brand authority.

Here are some ways you can help people recognize your brand more:

  • Publish informational blog content about your products or services
  • Produce video content about the usefulness or advantages of your products or services
  • Create infographic guides on how to use your products

Your aim here is to entertain your audience while convincing them that your products or services are worthy of trying. The best advantage of doing this is that you can ensure your customers’ loyalty, increase your conversion rates, and possibly improve your sales in the long run, even after the pandemic is over.

Option #2: Improve your SEO performance

If you want a more long-lasting, cost-effective, and efficient marketing strategy to cope with the pandemic, you should improve the performance of your search engine optimization (SEO). 

Some marketers think that this is a waste of effort, knowing that not many people are buying retail products online. However, think of this as your investment in the future. The more you take advantage of not having as much competition in SEO as before, the more you will rank highly in the future.

Just like the first option, your aim in SEO at this time is to attract more audiences to your business site and entertain them in an attempt to build connections and relationships.

Here are some of the significant benefits of improving your SEO strategies at this moment:

  • You will get ahead of your competitors
  • You will have more chances of getting your website or pages to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • You may attract more audiences and sales
  • You may convince customers to trust and rely on your brand more
  • You can prepare yourself well when the time comes that everything goes back to normal


COVID-19 has continually affected many industries around the world, one of which is eCommerce. Although you may think that it is unnecessary to market your brand at this time, it is the best time for you to reevaluate your marketing strategies and redo them if necessary.

To help save your business despite the pandemic’s economic effects, you can either shift your marketing from sales to branding or take this opportunity to improve your SEO performance. The key here is to implement what you think you can feasibly handle for now.

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