Here’s How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most popular digital marketing strategy that brands use today. SEO helps businesses be visible online more effectively and is no doubt a good strategy for leading people to your website. 

There’s nothing wrong about attempting to boost your leads using SEO. However, if you want to maximize your reach, you should learn how to practice other strategies as well.

Social media is highly influential, so why not give it a try?

Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great platform for sharing content and attracting visitors. Since almost everyone has social media accounts, it is much easier to find and target potential customers. More than that, social media sites can help rank your website if you know how to use its features effectively.

Here’s why social media marketing is also essential in ranking your site:

  • It generates more leads 
  • It increases engagements
  • It helps build brand awareness
  • It establishes reputation

Tips on Using Social Media Marketing to Rank Your Website

Here are some tips on how you can use social media to rank high on search engines.

Tip #1: Share your content on your social media pages

SEO gives so much value to content. Google ranks you higher if they find your content useful to the users. You can produce tons of content anytime you want, but it will take time to rank your website. Moreover, there is so much competition there.

What you can do is to share your content on your social media pages. Make sure to follow SEO practices on your social media content as well. Doing this may not get your website to rank instantly, but it can give you more leads and traffic. The advantage of sharing your content on social media is that you’re targeting people who already follow your pages. Assuming that these people are interested in your products or services, they would most likely read and share your content.

Google will rank content that provides value to users. When Google notices that multiple users are sharing your content, it will most likely rank your website higher.

Tip #2: Work with social media influencers

Social media sites have tons of influencers online. Unlike celebrities, online influencers are just regular people. Influencers become popular since the mass feel like they can relate to these people. Hence, more and more brands are teaming up with online influencers to attract more clients and increase their sales.

Work with online influencers to make your brand visible to the digital market. You can collaborate with them and produce content like blog posts or videos and have them posted on their pages or websites. Since they have high-ranking pages, you don’t need to worry about whether many online users will view your content.

Google will rank your websites if your SEO-optimized content has massive leads and engagements since they will assume that it has value.

Tip #3: Practice link-building

When you do link-building, you’re getting other websites to link your site from their content. Link-building is a good strategy if you want to build your referral traffic and increase your authority. Aside from online influencers, you can collaborate with related-businesses in the social media sites as well. You can follow the same strategies, just the same.

Google will rank your website if they see that various social media sites and other platforms link back to you. That’s why it is also crucial to create content that are informative, engaging, and authoritative.


Social media marketing and SEO can go hand in hand. SEO helps you rank, and social media enables you to gain massive engagements, which is also crucial in getting on top of the SEO game.

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