Festive Season SEO: Your Digital Marketing Guide in 2020!

The holidays are rolling in, meaning you need to equip your business website with the best SEO setup to pull in prospective customers, especially during this year. That’s because more holiday shoppers may, for the first time, prefer online shopping options due to COVID-19 scares and unpredictable government protocols. 

2020’s online marketplace will be more competitive as physical stores also get into this so-called New Normal, devising take-home packages and contactless delivery options for their customers’ convenience and safety. These changes mean you, as a business owner, can expect more online competition. But don’t worry, there are ways around these new challenges! 

This article will discuss three quick and practical tips to bolster your business website through SEO strategies. Take this as a starting point to have a significant business presence online and stay on top of your chosen industry! 

1. Take advantage of new products and services

The festive season is the best time to release new products and services because you can expect customers to get excited! They may want these brand-new goodies as self-gifts and a thoughtful way to surprise their friends and family. But how else can you increase your business’s customer base when releasing these new products and services? 

The best way to sell new goods from your business during the holidays is to merge it with holiday-related content, such as blogs or videos. For instance, you can integrate useful SEO research into your keywords related to holidays, like Christmas and New Year gift-related terms. That way, you can gain quick online sales and reach more customers effectively! 

2. Join the social media hype strategically

You can improve your chances online if you have social media accounts on particular platforms. However, you need to be strategic with your business’s social media approach because having a presence on all platforms may do more harm than good, especially SEO-wise. 

For example, let’s say your business is a DIY crafts store that provides festive season kits for families. You may have the idea to launch your business through specific social media sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest, because you know your products have visual appeal and online marketability. 

Now, you may be thinking that expanding to other platforms, such as Twitter, will help you improve your online presence. However, you may not have the right approach since that platform is vastly different from Instagram and Pinterest. That’s why you should consult with a digital marketing consultant to provide you with the right solutions. That way, you can keep your business’s SEO competitive and market-ready for the holidays! 

3. Never merely recycle old holiday content 

Some businesses rely on rehashing old holiday content, such as blogs and captions, as a starting point for their holiday marketing plans. It’s often thought of as a means to save money and gain quick customer engagement. However, this can reflect negatively on the SEO algorithms since there are scenarios where they can cross-reference your business website’s content with other competitions. Their content may be more engaging and trend-worthy for 2020 customers.

As such, don’t succumb to content marketing shortcuts and instead be more practical. Find digital marketers near you that can provide you with fresh, localized content relevant for the holiday season. Doing so ensures that you can adapt to the marketplace’s new demands and maintain your business’s presence!  


Adapting to the 2020 online marketplace during the holidays may be a massive ordeal for your business, but there are ways to secure your spot. All you need to do is be attentive to your SEO and develop a strong plan to empower your marketing ventures. Remember all the previously mentioned tips and invest in performance-based SEO today! 

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