Domain Authority: Everything You Need to Know About It

Domain authority is a 100-point scoring system developed by a company called Moz. It is one of the indicators of how high a website’s ranking will be on the search engine results page (SERP). The higher the score is, the higher the website’s rank will be.

The website’s score is measured through the relevance and the quality of the backlinks it uses in its content. If search engines continue to detect low-quality or irrelevant links, this would effectively lower your domain authority score.

Why Is Domain Authority Important?

As mentioned above, domain authority is one of the factors that show how well a website would rank on search engines. The lower the website’s domain authority is, the lower it is likely to rank on search engine results. This would mean that there would be less traffic on your website as it would be buried by other websites of similar content.

Lesser traffic also means lesser leads and potential clients. If your business does not attract clients through your website, this could affect its success. This is why domain authority needs to be handled appropriately.

Domain authority is also important when going against competitors. If the scores of your competitors are much higher than yours, they will seem more reputable than your business. However, the goal of domain authority is not necessarily to get a high score. As long as it is relatively higher than your competitors’, it should be good.

How Do I Increase My Domain Authority?

To do this, you must come up with relevant content for some trending searches by other people. This means you will also need to include relevant and useful keywords in your articles for people to be linked towards them.

However, the biggest factor is to use a lot of high-quality backlinks in your content. What this means is that you must direct your keywords to several links that are relevant to them and the content. You cannot just link random keywords to anything—it must be relevant and associated with the content at hand.

Will My Score Lower If I Don’t Do Well?

Yes, domain authority scores can get lower. As this is done in relation to that of your competitors, the higher they get, the lower your score will be.   

Lower scores will bring down your ranking and hurt how people will view your page. It is unlikely for people to view the second page of the search engine results, making it impossible that people will see your website.


While it seems complicated and too much of a hassle, it really is not as long as you know what to do. Domain authority can become the making or breaking factor of your website, and it could become the reason why your business succeeds or fails. This is why your domain authority needs to be taken seriously and not just simply brushed aside. Take the vital steps today to make your website rank high and gather the leads you will be needing.

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