Digital Marketing Pitfalls to Watch Out For in 2021

Digital Marketing is growing much faster now than ever before. Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people have turned to the internet for their source of information and entertainment. And where the market is, marketers must follow. 

This 2021, digital marketing will become a lot more saturated as more and more competition enters the mix. That is why it is essential to strategize and create better plans. Take these tips with you to avoid falling into the pitfalls of digital marketing.

Do Not Neglect SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment. Growing your traffic organically will help your campaigns in the long run if you nurture SEO before anything else. However, some digital marketers will not be satisfied with organic growth, mainly because there will always be something out of your control no matter what you do. 

Be patient with SEO. Most significant growth changes may happen in two years, but the endeavor will pay off in time. No campaign can thrive off ads alone. When organic growth is at a high level, you can start spending less on paid campaigns.

Stop Publishing too much Content

They said that content is king, but is there such a thing as too much content? Well, yes. 

That is, if you’re publishing simply for the sake of publishing. Frequency is just one of the two hundred ranking factors of the search engine. With the updates in the algorithm favoring user intent more than before, the quality of your content will matter even more. 

Every article needs good keywords integrated to actually make a difference. And even if you use the right keywords, it will not succeed if the article is unengaging or useless to readers. If you focus too much on quantity over quality, your “king” will fall. One good article a week will do better than seven substandard ones per day.

Listen to Customer Concerns 

Ignoring all “the hate” in the comments is what an influencer does. As a marketer, you need to listen to feedback. Complaints or dislikes can tell you a lot about your audience and can help you fix problems much more quickly. Staying engaged with your consumers and demonstrating that you hear their concerns is a great way to build customer trust and leave good impressions. 

Work Alongside Traditional Marketing

Just because the market is now more reliant on the internet doesn’t mean that all other marketing efforts must stop. Traditional marketing has to work alongside digital marketing. Remember that conventional marketers handle companies’ branding, slogans, mission and vision, and many more vital aspects of an establishment. What digital marketing does is increase and build your presence in the online space. 

Marketers have to know the difference between the two. Otherwise, clients may mistakenly turn to a digital marketing agency for complete branding, which is a field of expertise more suited for traditional marketing agencies. 


Digital marketing is constantly evolving as search engine algorithms, and social media platforms introduce hundreds of updates. There is no definite step-by-step method that will guarantee you success in digital marketing campaigns. Still, by keeping abreast of the industry’s best practices, you might enjoy a modicum of success in your business. 

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