Digital Marketing in the Next 5 Years – What to Know

Have you ever stopped and wondered how marketing processes will be in the coming years? Technological advancements are always on the rise, and it seems like every tech company now has something new to offer or are working on mind-blowing innovations. Experts and marketers have predicted the future of marketing based on the current developments in today’s digital marketing world, and it appears to be that there are several innovations and integrations that you can expect. 

Human Creativity on the Rise

Despite the rise of robots and the algorithms producing huge batches of valuable information, human creativity will remain and will be vital in marketing. This is because it is only humans who can inject creativity in marketing, and with creativity comes a significant transformation that provides impactful experiences for customers. The creativity of humans will leverage artificial intelligence combined with essential soft skills to move beyond change and develop an intelligence practice that is built on creativity. 

The Unique Combination of Data and Creativity

It has long been assumed that the streaming service, Netflix, is in the process of developing content in a data-driven lab. However, that is really not the case. Rather, it utilizes intelligence to feed the creative process, in which they greenlight shows that meet the unique tastes of niche audiences. As a result, Netflix relies heavily on creativity and intelligence that makes them an excellent agent of writers, actors, or directors. 

Artificial Intelligence

As you may or may not be aware, artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in today’s world. In fact, Disney uses the technology to analyze human emotions that eliminate the need for teams to gather individual surveys that are time-consuming. Now, the company relies on this particular technology to analyze human emotions that are acquired from audience-facing cameras during preview screenings. Disney has deployed more than 5,000 data points per person that allow computers to analyze information in ways that humans can’t do. 

A Different Approach to Data Analytics

Today, it is possible to unify customer data into a single customer profile. In doing so, businesses won’t need to separate metrics from online and offline channels. Instead, there is now the ability to focus on capturing everything that includes website activities or return volume. All of these pieces of information help business owners and industry leaders to improve user experience across all touchpoints. 


The future of marketing remains bright, and with the digital advancements that are happening left and right, there’s no wonder that companies are looking for more efficiency, even in the next five years. Moreover, it is undeniable that the human touch will remain valuable amidst the rise of robots and algorithms that deliver useful data and carry on processes that humans used to do. 

With all of these changes, the future of marketing is indeed an exciting time. As you await new technologies to arrive, it doesn’t hurt to think about a brighter future that will make marketing processes much easier. Still, with all of these updates, it’s essential to know that things are bound to get more competitive. Because of this, remember to incorporate your creativity with these latest and upcoming innovations to stay ahead of the game with your digital marketing. 

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