How Often Should A Company Website Have an SEO Audit?

What outcomes can you expect from your search engine optimization (SEO) work? You may be aware of whether or not some searches provide results for you on page one.

But can you explain why? Or what steps can be taken to improve the situation?

An SEO audit conducted by a local SEO expert in Greenwood is necessary. You will learn more about the effectiveness of your website’s pages and total traffic from this. You may check the effectiveness of your keywords and assess your position over competitors.

Below is information on SEO audits that you should be aware of.

When Ought Audits To Be Conducted?

Since SEO is a lengthy process, checking your SEO every day is certainly frustrating. Most companies conduct an SEO audit twice to four times a year.

If you have a basic website and a small business, once every six months will do. If you operate a bigger company or have a vast website with tons of new content produced monthly, reviewing your efforts every quarter makes more sense.

Regardless of how regularly you undertake audits, having a set approach and checklist will help you save time and work.

What Does an SEO Audit Include?

When you consider an SEO audit, you could experience some anxiety. Do you need to be a website expert to understand your page’s SEO setup and keywords?

Thankfully, you don’t!

You have access to various technologies and SEO services in Greenwood, but you can also evaluate the three key elements of an SEO audit using straightforward techniques.

Technical Evaluation

The first step is to make sure your website works properly. Each link should lead to the appropriate page, each image should load quickly, and each paragraph of text should be easy to read and understand.

Thank goodness you don’t have to do everything by hand. Use a site analysis tool to quickly and easily check all the technical components. Give the analysis and any advised repairs, if any, to your IT team or specialized tech professional.

You’ll be surprised at how easy this may be given the SEO tools accessible today.

On-site Assessment

The next things you examine are the structure of your website and if the content makes sense regarding your brand, products, and services. It is also vital to evaluate keywords.

Ensure that everything is aligned with the direction and goals of your current business. Review your blog categories for any general content difficulties. Writing on specialized topics gives you a more informed appearance to Google. A careless approach will lower your chances of ranking highly.

You should also ensure that none of the text on your pages appears elsewhere. This can confuse Google’s site crawlers because they are confused about which page to index.

Last, look at the search volume and ranking challenges for your terms. Both your Google Analytics dashboard and the Google keyword planner can be useful.

Off-Page Assessment

Off-page SEO can be particularly challenging because you have less control over it. You desire Google to consider your website a trustworthy source.

A few of the numerous elements of this include incoming links, online reviews, and avoiding unethical SEO techniques.

Ask your customers to review online, especially on your Google Business page. Use guest posting or regional media to obtain high-quality incoming links. It would help if you only used legal and moral strategies.


To ensure that your efforts are still going in the right direction, an SEO audit should be seen as a check-in. By quickly identifying broken links, missing tags, and poorly used keywords, you can avoid the frustration.

Numerous tools and SEO services are available for SEO audits. Be certain and make only the essential adjustments; let the Greenwood SEO company handle the rest. 

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