7 Website Design Trends That Boost Your Online Presence – What to Know

Website design trends constantly evolve as technology and human behavior change. These trends give web designers opportunities to create an interface that captivates users in an instant.

If you’re a website owner who is clueless about the website design trends that will engage your users, then it’s best to seek help from a reputable SEO company. You can also find some web design trends here that will attract your readers’ attention. Read the information below to learn more about how you can meet your website’s goals through web design.

 Dark mode

Dark mode became one of the most popular web design trends recently because it is easy on the eyes. By providing remarkable visibility, it helps save power, allows the website colors to become easy to spot, and makes the elements of your website more eye-catching and striking.

3D designs

3D visuals create an immersive experience on websites and bridge the gap between reality and digital space. By incorporating interactive 3D elements on your website, your visitors are encouraged to engage and stay longer.

Shadows and floating effects

Adding shadows to a 2D layout adds depth and immersive feel to your users, giving the elements of your website a 3D look. You can enhance this effect by using text and photos. In addition, combining the shadows with a floating effect provides a crisp, sharp, and classic look.

Solid white frames

Web designers no longer use gradient layouts that much in their designs. Instead, they are now leaning towards using stable elements with white space to give their design stability and clean framing. When used strategically, these white frames can grab the attention of your users.

Glowing color schemes

Bold and boring website designs are now making waves in the world of web design. Some of the most prominent website design trends are courageous color pairings, glow-in-the-dark web design, and duotone. Following these trends will make your website’s elements shine even more and attract your users.

Interactive animations

A growing web design trend is an animation that is stimulated by your visitors. By combining user interaction with animation, you can breathe life into a dull and lifeless website. 

The animation will respond accordingly upon the action of your readers, which makes every design unique on its own.

Ultra-minimalist navigation

Over time, website navigation has become simpler. To engage your users even for a short amount of time, make sure that your website is easy to navigate to create straightforward and intuitive experiences. 

In line with this, the quality of your images on the website is important. Aside from adding stock images or high-definition images, it’s best to use images that contain bare minimum imagery and less text.


Your website design plays an essential role in capturing the attention of your target audience. This then leads to generating traffic on your website and making repetitive sales. 

Website design trends depend highly on the way the user interacts with the website. Engaging your visitors is the key to making their website experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible to encourage them to keep coming back to your website.

Whether you are a business owner or part of a startup and aren’t sure which web design trends will make the right impact on your users, you need to turn to a credible SEO company to help you attain your objectives.

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