6 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 to Take Note of

Now that we have put behind what 2020 brought to us in the marketing world, we now gear up for what 2021 has in store for us. Will the unpredictability be finally over? Although some 2020 trends were seen, many didn’t emerge; this makes plenty of marketers and business owners apprehensive of the upcoming trends this year.

Still, it’s essential to know and stay up-to-date with these latest trends. Here are some of the 2021 digital marketing trends to watch out for:

Influencer Content

Prepare to see more influencer content this year as stay-at-home orders are still in place in most areas. Marketers must be able to deliver valuable and more frequent content that will help them reach their audience during this time. This type of content will help create trust and establish a more present connection that consumers crave since the global pandemic hit.

Live Streams

Many in-person events were canceled, but that doesn’t mean the show must not go on. Therefore, livestreams will be widespread this year to ensure significant events will still push through despite the pandemic. These livestreams will help businesses stay relevant, accommodate consumers, and stay connected.

Purpose-Driven Missions

Brands today must work smarter to fit into consumers’ lives as a growing number of them rely more on the internet to connect to businesses. Therefore, businesses must be transparent to establish real, personal connections.

In turn, businesses must dig deep to identify how they can thrive during these unprecedented times. In light of this, there will be more emphasis on the goodwill that brands will do to stay relevant and position themselves in a good light.

User-Generated Content (USG)

Customer experience is vital to a brand’s success, and business owners must deliver enjoyable and memorable experiences. Aside from this, consumers must have proof before they purchase. With that, they want reassurance, and marketers can do this by providing UGS content.

UGC will help build and strengthen communities. Moreover, this type of content is uplifting and relatable, allowing brands to meet clients where they are.


Most consumers today believe that brands should contribute to improving the environment, and this isn’t new to brands. Over the years, many brands have shifted their strategies to move towards a sustainable future. Marketers and business owners must find ways to be more sustainable this year, whether from the materials they use or something else.

Voice and Visual Search

There is now a growing number of customers searching via voice-activated tools, and this is because of people who have been stuck at home. Voice search is already a growing trend, and it’s about to grow even more today.

Besides that, visual search will also be more common, focusing on image alt-text and sitemaps for images.


As we enter the new year, knowing these 2021 digital marketing trends will help brands improve their strategies to meet their customers’ ever-changing demands, especially now that 2020 has left a significant hit that has brought significant changes. Learning how to adapt to these changes is important, and an effective way to do that is knowing the upcoming trends of the year.

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