5 Things You Need for a Successful B2B Marketing Campaign

In the past few years, business-to-business and business-to-customer companies have started implementing similar practices, including digital marketing and growth strategies. Today, a B2B brand might rely on a traditionally B2C marketing tactic like using pay-per-click advertising and generating leads through social media.

Not all lead generation PPC campaigns work the same, though. Advertisers need to understand the ways people earn B2B leads, even with practices traditionally used in direct-to-customer companies. Here are things to keep in mind for a B2B campaign.

Your keywords must be specific

People use two types of keywords to reach audiences—short-tail and long-tail. General terms are called short-tail keywords and are broad and generic. ‘CRM software’ is an example of a short-tail keyword that a SaaS company might target. Though these get plenty of hits, they are less indicative of a person’s search intent.

To target people looking for your kind of service, you need to turn to long-tail keywords. These phrases consist of three or more words that describe situations, markets, or issues your product might address. ‘Small business CRM pricing’ is an example. Owners of CRM software providers should target this since it indicates that the searcher is ready to purchase.

Pay attention to match types

The quality of your lead depends on how you optimize campaigns. Your exact and phrase matches give advertisers more control, while broad match keywords pull in lesser-quality leads.

When creating campaigns, marketers should limit the number of broad match keywords. They must also implement negative keywords, ones that prevent your ad from getting triggered in certain circumstances. Be consistent as well—when you have more data, you have a better chance of creating sound strategies involving keywords.

Be intentional about your landing pages

When you’re looking to generate better leads, you should focus on your landing pages as well. Here, increasing your conversions relies less on getting people to buy the product on the spot. Instead, you should focus on gathering email addresses and contact information.

The research phase of B2B buyers is longer than the average consumer. These are typically looking for a long-term partnership, so they want to be sure about their decision. They would need more information on the company and its offerings; thus, they would appreciate a free trial, case studies, or getting to speak with a representative. 

Landing pages must clearly show how people can access in-depth information about your company, and they should also allow visitors to fill out contact forms quickly. As such, it’s good to consult a digital marketer near you, someone who knows the SEO needs of local companies.

Write copy that resonates with a B2B audience

Your copy can make the difference between someone passing on your promotion or trying it out. For a B2B audience, you should create copy highlighting the value your product brings.

To do this, you must show your product’s credibility. Has it won awards, is it a bestseller, or does it have distinguishing elements that prove it is among the best at what it does? Keep the target audience in mind and feature copy that aligns with their needs while presenting your services as the best solution to their problems.

Vary the types of ads you use

Create different types of ads that leverage the advanced features in each platform. For example, companies running social media campaigns or Google Ads should set up retargeting ads to reach previous visitors. Retargeting helps generate sales; a person who reads a blog post on one of the company’s services might enter a retargeting campaign built around that product.

Apart from this, companies can use audience matching features that let them reach leads who are more likely to convert. On Facebook, Lookalike Audiences helps companies to connect with people who have the same interests and activities as their target market. Google Ads’ Similar Audience tool functions in the same way.


Generating high-quality B2B leads involves knowing who you should target. When you maximize your keywords, implement strategies based on sound market research, and write compelling copy, you’ll find leads that genuinely respond to your products.

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