5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

You’re in the middle of creating a report for your digital marketing campaign. You’re about to launch another paid campaign next month, so you check your previous campaign to analyze what needs to be improved. Unfortunately, you see some negative results on some particular metrics. You then pause for a while and wonder if your marketing strategy is generating results. Are there tweaks to be done? Should you formulate a new digital marketing strategy?

The impact of digital marketing

Imagine how a business will survive if it will not rely on digital marketing. As we all know, customers are now going online to do their transactions, whether it’s buying or selling a product or service.

The main purpose of digital marketing is to help businesses build an online presence. It can be through social media, online advertising, website, influencer marketing, and content marketing. When done correctly, digital marketing is proven to be more effective and cost-saving.

There are various ways on how you can run a digital marketing campaign. A successful result can’t be expected overnight. There can be trials and errors in the beginning, but from those mistakes, you can improve your strategies.

But how will you know if your digital marketing strategies are not working? How will you know if something needs to be tweaked or removed? Here are five signs you should be aware of:

 You don’t see the expected results from a channel

Not every product can sell effectively on a particular channel. For instance, Pinterest is more about images; thus, you can use it to promote products in industries such as arts and crafts, gardening, fashion, and beauty. Brands dealing with finance or tech might not suit this particular platform.

No matter what platform you use, if you notice less engagement and conversion, then the strategy did not work. It will be a great idea if it will test several channels to promote your product. Then, choose the best platform for your target magnet.

 There is a lack of engagement

When your social media posts and other content has few likes and comments, your engagement is low. This also means that you should make your content more enticing to your target audience.

Post engagement should be monitored consistently. To increase engagement, determine the kind of content that your audience finds to be interesting. Use content that is relevant, entertaining, informative, and valuable.

 You’re not updated with the emerging consumer behaviors

Consumer behaviors change over time. If you’re not updated with those behaviors, you might miss out on the opportunity to make your digital marketing strategy effective. Some of the emerging consumer behaviors today are increased consumption of video content, prioritizing essentials over nice-to-haves, and depending on delivery services for almost everything.

You are not investing value into your digital marketing campaign

If you often launch a marketing campaign in a rush, your digital marketing will likely fail. A good campaign requires time, money, and effort. Your campaign should also be properly tested, analyzed, and targeted. Good planning and marketing research are needed to come up with an effective digital marketing strategy. 

Your website is obsolete and not user-friendly 

Are you often receiving complaints that your website is hard to navigate and has broken links? When your website is old and does not adapt to the competitive market today, you will lose clients and customers. It’s time to refresh your digital marketing technique. Make your website compelling, responsive, and user-friendly.


An effective digital marketing strategy is not an arrow thrown without a clear target. If you have launched several campaigns and still generated poor results, then it could be time to step up your marketing techniques. Make sure to assess your current digital marketing techniques and improve them effectively with help from a digital marketing agency. 

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