5 Clear Signs You Need to Revamp Your Website – What to Know

Good web design will keep your visitors engaged and drive site traffic. But what if you’re not getting any of these benefits? What if your website is actually hurting your brand? How do you know when it’s time to do a complete web redesign? 

Here are some clear signs that you need to revamp your site: 

Text-Heavy Website

When you have more text on your website than visuals, then you probably have an outdated website. The thing is, it’s now a visual world and if your website has more words than images, it’s time for a redesign. Nobody will scroll through a site that is filled with text because first, it doesn’t look good, and second, it’s overwhelming. 

Navigation Issues

Everything on your website must be accessible. If users find it challenging to go to a specific page, then you have navigation issues. Site navigation issues are red flags, and they call for a redesign. 

Remember, your site visitors come to your website for a reason, and they want to find whatever they’re looking for quickly. However, if that is going to be difficult on their end, they would instead leave your site and check out your competitor. Additionally, this isn’t only about your site visitors. Search engines also rely on your site navigation to crawl it and register it on the SERPs. If they can’t find a page, then you lose valuable SERP rankings, which isn’t good for your brand. 

Low SERP Rankings

If your website’s SERP ranking remains low, then there’s probably something wrong with your website design. This is assuming that you’ve done everything that you can from editing your content, employing performance-based SEO, and more. Your content isn’t the sole basis of search engines to rank your website. There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration that will determine your SERP rankings, and one of them is your web design. 

Backend Difficulties

Are you having trouble accessing the backend? Perhaps, it’s now more difficult to update content. If you are frequently experiencing backend issues, then you might want to take a look at your site design. 

Keep in mind that you should always be able to make quick updates on your website, and it should not take you hours to do so. 

High Bounce Rates

Your site’s bounce rates are due to a considerable number of site visitors that exit your website in just a few seconds. Bounce rates are an indicator of whether a website is user-friendly or not, and if you have more site exits than page durations, then users are not getting what they need from your site. Therefore, it’s time to reassess and plan a completely new web design, especially if you have received complaints about the website running slow. 


Running into site issues, such as the ones listed in this post, are clear signs that you need to redesign your site. That is a massive step for your brand, but it will yield exciting rewards when you have an updated and more relevant website. 

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