5 Actionable Advice in Getting Into Your Area’s Google Map Pack – What to Know

Modern internet-savvy people use their devices to search for recommendations if they’re not familiar with the area. With that said, it is vital to appear in searcher’s results, and that’s where Google MapPack comes into play. 

A map pack is a vital digital marketing strategy. It refers to the three most relevant solutions that Google thinks are the best answer to the problem of the searcher. For example, if they’re looking for a restaurant, the map packs show the three best nearby restaurants as recommendations. As a result, a map pack increases foot traffic to your location.  

Here is some actionable advice you can do to increase your chances of being in a Map Pack.

 1. Track which KPIs help make a difference in your business

Use Google My Business or GBM to track which metrics are valuable to your business. Higher website visitors don’t necessarily equate to heavy traffic to your physical stores. As such, it is vital to study the metrics to know which variable ultimately affects customers’ visits to your physical stores. In doing so, you can perform quick actions and campaigns that would increase future foot traffic by manipulating the said variable.

 2. Optimize content your store’s GMB profile   

If you have different store locations, each store’s GMB profile must contain Google Posts, Videos, and Photos to lure searchers better than businesses who don’t. A complete GMB profile lets searchers build expectations, which can urge them to go to your physical store. After all, part of effective digital marketing is to have your GMB profile littered with useful content. 

3. Protect location data with routine check-ups

Anyone with a Google account can edit your GMB profile—including your phone number, address, map pins, web address, and other miscellaneous business information. The worst part is Google won’t notify you of any changes. With that said, it is crucial to monitor your GMB profile for any inaccurate information. 

4. Facilitate review management for your local managers

Be more hands-on with reviews management since reviews help establish your brand authority. If you’re a big business with multiple store locations, reviews management can get overwhelming, primarily if located in high-traffic strategic areas. 

You need to create a holistic review management process to expedite and streamline the work. Use modern technology and tools to help monitor and support your endeavors, which enables local store managers to make the appropriate response. In doing so, you maximize your digital marketing efforts. 

5. Build an authentic review library

Please don’t buy reviews. Instead, keep soliciting reviews from satisfied customers. With this strategy, you can request positive reviews without the need to plagiarize a fake review to improve your brand. 

Remember that fake reviews can have a massive impact when exposed to the public. The consequences might be irreversible, and trying to change people’s perception about you will take a substantial amount of resources to execute. 


Statistics show that 88 percent of searches immediately go to a local business after they show up in the Map Pack. The more interesting statistic is that 98 percent don’t even bother looking at the website of the company to learn more about the business. The statistics show that internet users have high confidence in the suggestions of Google. Because of that, you must do everything in your power to get featured in a Map Pack.

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