4 Tips to Prevent Your Website’s Rank From Dipping

After all your hard work developing your SEO strategy, you finally placed first place on your SERPs. You sit back and relax, only to find out a few days after that you have lost your rank. You may rack your brain to find nothing amiss, causing you to question whether you truly factored in all there is to consider. 

The truth is, you may have thought of everything—but that was a few days ago. In the SEO world, things constantly change. Search engines like Google frequently have their algorithms changed for one reason: to offer the best user experience possible. As such, these changes will affect your rank, causing you to go down randomly! 

However, things do not have to be at the mercy purely on Google’s side. There is still a way to prevent your SEO rank from dropping, and here are some tips to help you do so: 

1. Update your meta tags

Meta tags, also known as meta information or data, are one of the ways a search engine gains information about what is on your website. As such, if it is a mess, the search engine will rank you low! 

To ensure that your metadata is not dragging your website’s rank down, always keep it updated and constant. Also, be specific with your meta tags; incorporate the keywords (meta keywords) into your website’s meta information to help the search engine know what the page is all about.

2. Maintain your website

SEO is not a one-time venture; it is a constant struggle! While that might sound a little rough, keeping your website updated is not as hard as you might think. It can include posting new, relevant content and running scheduled maintenance to ensure everything works as intended. Your efforts to keep your website updated will ensure that the user experience is also well maintained, allowing Google to award you with high ranks.

3. Look around for broken links

Links can work one time and then break the other. There are various causes for this, such as a change in your website’s URL structure or a web page that is no longer available. Regardless of the reason, you need to fix them immediately! 

If you do discover any broken links on your website, you should be testing all the links to find out whether others are affected. Look for signs that can help you pinpoint where the problem is coming from and put the effort to restore those links or remove them.

4. Test your website load speed 

In a world where everyone is in a rush, speed is a luxury. As such, your website should be offering this luxury to your audience!

A slow website is nothing short of an annoying one, and if your audience has to deal with a slow website, they will leave. Google will notice this and punish you by dropping your rank. As such, it is always important to look for ways to speed up your website’s loading speed. 

This also applies to your website’s overall responsiveness, where a website that is responsive and quick to the user’s action will perform better rank-wise than a slow one. To get a good idea of how fast your website is, you can use Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool to help you decide whether or not you need to speed up your website. 


Your website needs constant love and care, and the moment you forget to give it attention, that is the moment it will start to drop in rankings! As such, you need to follow the tips we have shared above—as that is the only way you are ever going to prevent your website from losing its rank. 

That said, keeping up with SEO is a lot of effort, and if you do not have the time for that, we highly recommend working with SEO professionals near you. There are many service providers out there that will take care of your website for you. Under their supervision, you can go about your other business while still enjoying the top spots of search engines!

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