4 Tips in Improving Your SEO with Topic-Driven Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come a long way over the years and has also updated its algorithm. If your SEO company’s strategy is still focusing on long-dead strategies, such as keyword stuffing, you are probably better taking your business elsewhere. Know that Google’s crawler has become sophisticated to the point that spamming keywords has not only become ineffective, but it can also incur a penalty to your rankings. 

This is not to say that keywords should no longer be a part of any strategy because they still are important to set a topic for a piece of content. However, this just means that for you to rank on those keywords, you will need to provide useful and valuable pieces of content that will elaborate on these keywords to let Google know that you are an authority on this topic. 

Additionally, you should focus on addressing issues that your readers care about. This lends credibility to your brand that will help drive more clicks and views, which takes care of engagement. This is what is called topic-focused content marketing, which has been proven to work when used to complement already existing marketing strategies, but how do you use it? 

In this article, we will share four tips of how you can improve your SEO efforts with topic-driven content marketing:

1. Do a website audit

Look at your website from page to page with a critical eye. Try to look at various aspects that can be improved from an SEO perspective. Which pages are garnering the most views? Are they helping you convert these hits into leads? What content can you insert into these pages to improve their stats? Doing a website audit helps you to see which areas you may have overlooked in the beginning and which pages need to be revamped. 

2. Produce valuable pieces of content

Carefully look at the keywords that you have been trying to rank for. Remember to use the keywords sparingly and create useful content around them. Try to target keywords that already have high-volume searches and see if you can incorporate hyperlocal approaches by inserting your scope of operations in the content as well. 

3. Tailor fit content to your users

With the help of Google Analytics or any other platform that can be used to monitor your web health, remember to pay close attention to the demographics of your visitors. You can then use this gathered information to create content that will resonate with them. The source of traffic and the actions that they perform on the web can also give you a clue on how to engage with your site visitors. 

4. Analyze your competition

Know that you can look at your competitors and even use what others are doing better than you. By using competitive analysis tools, you can peek at their website’s analytics. Take notice of the following: 

  • Social Engagement: Although social media may not directly affect your Google rankings, it is nevertheless an important tool to engage with prospective customers. As a business owner, you should be going where the customer is, and that will include social media. 
  • Page Rankings: Evaluate web pages that are ranking better than you and try to see what strategies they are employing to achieve that authority. 
  • Backlinks: These are still an important part of an SEO strategy if it is strategically used. Try to see from which sites these backlinks are pointing to and if you can also earn a backlink from them. 
  • Keywords: Try to see which keywords are being used and how they are helping your competition’s ranking. If you are competing for the same keywords, you can either differentiate yourself by adding your locality (for hyperlocal searches) or create better content. 


Topic-focused content marketing not only allows you to rank better with Google, but it also allows you to address topics that are relevant to your target audience. The sooner you put the interests of your audience in your content marketing strategy, the sooner you climb up the ranks of Google’s lists. 

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