4 SEO Practices to Improve Your Brand’s Online Visibility – What to Know

Long-time brands and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are considerably on a level playing field when it comes to online visibility. With advanced algorithms making curated timelines and feeds based on a person’s viewing behavior, it’s more than likely that smaller brands have a better shot at honing into a niche demographic compared to more prominent ones. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a great equalizer for many businesses looking to find with today’s consumers.

Utilizing proper SEO practices

Google My Business is a handy tool that Google provides businesses with access to crucial information that can be the building blocks to improving your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) ranking. Knowing how to utilize data from these resources can significantly benefit your SEO marketing campaigns.

In this article, we will share with you four SEO practices that can significantly improve your brand’s online visibility:

1. Prioritize good customer reviews

With the massive number of brands and services available through the Internet, it can be challenging as a consumer to know which ones are reliable. A brand’s superior marketing strategy might sell too much than what it’s actually worth. For dealing with both small companies and large conglomerates, it’s always a smart move to listen to your fellow consumer.

Over 83% of customers believe online testimonials on a product or service as much as they would from a personal recommendation. This is why you should encourage your customers to provide an honest review of your service after guiding them through a transaction or after receiving their product. Good reviews can make for effective SEO traffic to come your way, while more critical reviews of your services will also make for a decent study sample in improving your brand. Remember that reviews should be received openly as both negative and positive remarks can be used to your benefit.

2. Optimize for mobile viewing

Besides creating content that’s more accessible through voice search, designing your pages for mobile viewing will make a massive impact on your site. More and more people today are using mobile devices as their primary source of viewing content, from streaming services to checking their emails. Access to mobile websites grew to 63% in 2017 from the 57% that it had the year before. The continuous trend looks toward a shift to a preferred method of mobile viewing over the traditional desktop.

Redesign your layout to match mobile dimensions and be wary of using too much text in your copy. You can also include user-friendly interfaces or a site navigator so that they can conveniently move from one page to the other without getting lost on your website.

3. Take advantage of local keywords

Try to use as many local keywords as possible. At the same time, use ones that are relevant to your consumer in terms of answering a question or giving a solution that your service can provide. Know that Google has a Keyword Planner that allows you to filter keyword searches based on your location and on the popularity of the searches per region. Once you incorporate it into your content, you can use it to strengthen your SEO efforts by referencing them to your website whenever applicable.

4. Insert relevant backlinks

High-quality backlinks to reliable sources and internal linking to your own page make for a high SERP ranking so that your brand receives a sense of credibility in being able to divert traffic from your website to other information and affiliate sites. At the same time, try to include relevant links that your customer might want to access and ensure that your backlinks stay updated and won’t lead to dead ends.


Online marketing is a competitive profession that not many are confident in adapting to. Not all companies are ready to develop their own in-house digital marketing team, especially if they’re just starting out. This is why it’s essential for you, as a business owner, to focus on your service and your relationship with your consumers.

Most business owners employ the partnership of an SEO company to help them in their digital marketing efforts. If you’re looking for a reliable local SEO service in Greenwood, IN, to help improve your brand’s online visibility, then we’re the right company for you. Visit our site today to see how we can help make effective website copies that attract customers and sales!