4 Must-Use SEO Tips for Your Business this 2020 – What to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the primary points of digital marketing in this current age. With the internet being widely accessible, it has become a great source for businesses to collect marketing data, customers, and sales. The saturation of online businesses, however, has made for a highly competitive market—which is why SEO is so important to remain relevant. 

SEO practices have become commonplace for businesses online, but what many don’t know is that it has to be regularly updated in order to keep up with the trend. Just like any marketing trend, SEO continually changes according to the market—so adjusting your strategies should be a continual process. 

To help your business maintain its relevancy, here are four must-use SEO tips to apply this 2020.

Optimize for mobile devices

Today’s generation has promoted a lifestyle of speed and instant satisfaction, which is why mobile devices have become all the craze. Most of a person’s free time is spent with a cellphone stuck on their hands, either browsing on the internet or social media. This increases the likelihood that your website will be accessed through a mobile device—which is why mobile optimization is absolutely necessary. 

If you haven’t already focused on getting your website mobile-optimized, then you’ve already lost a lot of possible opportunities in putting it off.

Review your organic search volume

Your business website might have been around for quite a while, so looking into your web statistics may prove to be beneficial. Spending some time to review your organic search volume can give you a key insight into what gives your website the most traffic. 

While capitalizing on that is one perfectly valid option, you can cross-reference this data with your competitors and figure out which keywords don’t only perform well, but also have the least competition in. This will help you fully utilize your website and the data it gathers, allowing it to work at full efficiency if implemented correctly.

Speak with your frontliners

Take some time to find out what your frontliners have learned while on the field. Frontliners—like salespeople, marketing staff, and the like—get to interact and engage with your customers, allowing them prime access to information that would regularly take copious amounts of time to analyze and gather. By knowing what your customers are looking for—and more importantly, how they’re looking for it—would grant you viable information to use as supplementary keywords.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

SEO basics dictate the use of keywords to improve your search engine rankings. While this is perfectly true, it is important to note that the amount of times you use them, however, has changed. 

Back when SEO first started gaining traction, it was highly important to stuff your website with as many keywords as humanly possible. Today, however, this won’t only be ineffective, it renders your content utterly unreadable. Know when and where to place your keywords, make sure your content is clear and cohesive, and the search engine’s AI will do the rest for you.


Updating your SEO on a regular basis is highly important to keep up with the ever-changing trends of digital marketing. By following through on these simple tips, your website won’t only experience a bump in your rankings, but it will also improve on your website’s user experience.

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