4 Digital Marketing Pitfalls that Could Hurt Your Online Growth

Digital marketing is broad and complex. There is no step-by-step playbook to get the exact numbers that you’re looking for, but there are theories and practices that could get you pretty close. There are also hundreds of factors that can help and hinder your progress, so it is important to understand the common mistakes that even experienced digital marketers tend to make.

4 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Grow Your Digital Marketing Progress

1. Neglecting Organic Growth

A lot of brands start their digital marketing journey by growing their brand organically. Doing it this way is not only necessary to set a foundation for your marketing plan, but it is also the most cost-effective. Anyone can make good content, share them on social media platforms, and ask people in their network to “like and share.”

But as soon as they get a good footing from it, the company finds itself having the budget for paid ads, which can speed up growth significantly. 

At this stage, some companies slip up and begin to rely on ads more and care about their organic practices less. As much progress as you see from paid media, it is still crucial to stay active on the organic end. 

2. Ignoring Social Media

A common phenomenon from startups is the lack of social media activity since creating their social media platforms. They start strong, create posts regularly until they eventually stop posting altogether. 

Do not fall into this pitfall yourself. 

Some companies would argue that because they are growing, there simply is no time for them to keep updating their social media. In reality, this excuse hinders company growth. Social media is the frontline of a company’s reputation in this day in age. Clients or customers turn to social media to research your company’s background. Finding a profile with posts dating back from two years ago may heighten their skepticism. As a growing company, you should have someone dedicated to maintaining these social media platforms.

3. Not Updating Your Blog

We cannot emphasize this enough. No matter what industry you are in, blogs are essential to your website. Many industries are under the impression that blogs are “just for show,” but this couldn’t be more wrong. 

Blogs are not limited to influencers and blog writers sharing their thoughts. Content writing is an integral part of SEO, which helps market your products or services and increase your authority. It also keeps your website updated continuously, which improves your visibility on the search engine.

4. Not Listening to the Market

Marketing is not a game of influencing people by pushing an idea on them. It is all about listening, following what they want, and incorporating your brand. You need to catch people’s attention in a way that your target audience will listen. Always remember your demographic and base your plans around their best interests.


Growing your brand online can be difficult, but it is not impossible. While there are millions of websites, thousands of great keywords, and so much work behind a successful online presence, there are twice as many opportunities when you do it right. As long as the production of content and strategy building is frequent and consistent with your brand, you will start to see the results you want.

Managing a company is challenging on its own. Adding marketing in the mix might leave you with too much to handle. Instead of letting your website and social media stay the way it is, the better investment is to hire an agency to do the work for you. Magnitude Marketing offers expert digital marketing services in Greenwood, IN. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, we offer the best digital marketing packages that can help you grow your online presence and increase conversion. Contact us now to get a free quote.