4 Crucial Google Ads Automated Bidding Mistakes to Avoid

Web traffic is key to determining the success of your website, which is why all businesses aim to drive traffic to their site. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using Google Ads. Aside from driving more traffic, a successful paid search advertising campaign can help you increase your sales, enhance your brand awareness, and boost your return on investment (ROI). 

Setting up a Google Ads campaign requires you to pick your preferred type of bidding. Many businesses choose automated bidding since this is an easier and more efficient option compared to manual bidding. For less work, time, and hassle, you can get as many clicks as possible and get the most conversions within your budget. 

Automated bidding can be a convenient choice. However, there are common pitfalls associated with this that can cause you costly expenses. Let Magnitude Marketing help you ensure that you meet your performance goals by learning more about the following crucial automated bidding blunders you should be wary of:

1. Changing your ads weekly

Changing your offers weekly not only resets your ads but also the machine-learning algorithm of Google. This means deleting everything the algorithm has figured out about what works well and what to avoid for your business. 

Remember, the algorithm relies on historical data to automate effectively. What you can do is to use the same ads until Google optimizes your campaign to boost your conversions. For assistance, you may seek help from our SEO company in Greenwood. 

2. Entering a big budget and a high target cost per action (CPA)

Having a high target cost per action (CPA) and a big budget when you choose automated bidding can inflate your cost-per-clicks, making your Google Ads campaign less practical. This is because your pay-per-click (PPC) platform maximizes the use of your budget and attempts to attain an optimal return at the same time. 

To prevent blowing your budget, look into your average spend for one month and determine the percentage of the budget that is lower than your average spend. This way, you can assess the effect of automated bidding on your Google Ads campaign.

3. Neglecting your individual bids

Automated bidding is ideal for those who have limited time but still want to set bids and meet their goals. Contrary to popular belief, while this is all automated, it takes more than just setting a total budget for your campaign for this to work. You still have to be attentive to your individual bids to prevent your budget from getting mishandled.

4. Employing vanity bidding

Vanity bidding means bidding excessive amounts on a keyword to attain top listing. This is an impractical move that can cause you to waste huge amounts of money. A more effective way to achieve higher net profits and grow your business is to bid intelligently.


Automated bidding helps you maximize your clicks and conversions. However, while this may seem simple, practicing this does not mean letting all the machines do the work for you. To make the most out of it and ensure that your Google Ads campaign works perfectly for your business, you have to plan carefully and avoid the common mistakes mentioned above. 

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