3 SEO Trends of 2020 for Improved Content Creation

SEO trends shift each year as a result of the ever-evolving algorithm of Google’s search engine. These improvements mean that staying on top of the SEO game is a challenge that requires plenty of preparation and adjustments every so often. This digital marketing tool is not a single-use strategy that you just leave to do on its own. Plenty of work has to be done for SEO to be successful, as it is a process that businesses undergo to improve organic traffic flow through content creation. 

Google’s search engine algorithm just continues to become more powerful in 2020. With billions of searches each day, the platform is thriving and is undoubtedly unstoppable in the field of technology. To continue to stay on top of the game in business, this entails understanding the trends that current-era search engines pick up. Here are three of the most crucial things that SEO in 2020 is all about:

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers

The recent update to the incredible Google algorithm was called the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, or BERT for short. This update improved the way Google’s engine understands languages and breaks these down for query use. By removing the selective nature of SEO, BERT takes on whole queries and produces more accurate and relevant results.

BERT was done to optimize SEO further for the rising trend of voice search. As more people are beginning to opt for voice search over texting or typing, voice recognition is essential in performance-based SEO. With different nuances and conversational language pieces that can be lost in translation from voice to the engine, BERT aims to fix this and make voice SEO a more reliable platform. 

The way to optimize your website for BERT is to craft more high-quality content that uses fewer difficult words and focuses on keywords that people are likely going to search via voice. Content must include questions, relevant terms, related concepts, and other topics in an organically-written piece to be voice-capable.

Looking Into Zero-Click Searches

Google searches in mid-2019 have found that over half have yielded zero-clicks on a page’s results. Thanks to the effectiveness of Google, most users have found the answers that they needed on a results page without having to visit different sites. These searches have shown that information surrounding the online world is becoming more and more useful. Additionally, zero-click positioned ones can be the driving force behind improved click-through rates. People tend to choose the first article Google displays, which means optimizing your page to be on position zero will be the best thing you can do. 

Utilizing Videos for SEO

Video media is incredibly popular and is widely regarded as one of the most effective forms of SEO when done right. It offers companies the opportunity to provide quick and engaging content that substantially impacts viewers, making video an essential tool. YouTube, which is also owned by Google, is the second largest search engine platform that people use to find information. With that said, videos will be your key to success, along with well-written content. By crafting creative titles, writing captivating descriptions, and using the right tags, your customers can find these videos. 


These tips show the most important points of growth that build SEO scores in 2020. With the world of Google’s powerful search engine algorithms evolving rapidly, there is no telling what comes next in the world of digital marketing. Using different testing methods and staying up to date with professional assistance will do wonders for performance-based SEO. 

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