3 SEO Metrics You Should Start Tracking for Success

In digital marketing, no approach, strategy, or tool is as revered as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With its ability to help any business capitalize on its massive growth potential while leveling the playing field for all companies on the web, SEO is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools today. Although it may not be as new as its modern counterparts, it remains a top-dog and difference-maker in a company’s success. 

Best curated to data hoarding and customer experience enhancement, SEO plays a crucial role in determining any business’s short and long-term performance because of how intertwined it is in modern marketing. Unlike most one-dimensional tools that can be found on the Internet, SEO is used with a wide range of materials and platforms, such as social media, web development, and video marketing.

From internal capabilities to unique strategies, the field of search engine optimization is a multi-dimensional one that’s packed with all kinds of facets and details that each of them has crucial roles in achieving top-tier performance. When it comes to making the most out of this tool, many tend to overlook the most vital component out of all: the right metrics to follow. 

Why metrics matter and which ones you should be tracking

Out of all the components to keep an eye on and fine-tune as you improve your strategy, metrics hold the highest importance because they dictate how your game plan will go. 

While well-rounded knowledge, testing, and proper keywords all play a crucial role in painting the bigger picture, the metrics you keep an eye on will matter the most because they determine what needs to be tweaked. What most people don’t understand about this crucial factor is that each type of business has a different set of metrics that best apply to its operations and goals.

Fortunately, getting a hold of the right pieces of data by tracking the correct items isn’t as difficult as many claim it to be as long as you brush up on the right information. To ensure that you’re tracking all the right pieces of data for your SEO strategy, here are three crucial metrics to start keeping an eye on:

Metric #1: Organic traffic numbers

Among all the different pieces of data that you’ll run into when getting a hold of your strategy’s success, none are as vital or telling as your organic traffic numbers. With this metric, you’ll be able to get a full glimpse into how truly effective your digital marketing and SEO efforts are because they cut out results from paid media. This is what leaves room to measure raw results. By taking a look at this data, you can determine what’s working best for your website and digital marketing strategy, even if paid ads ceased to exist!

Metric #2: Organic conversions

In terms of organic matters, another specific metric that you should monitor when it comes to measuring your strategy’s success and its effectiveness is your organic conversions.

Often tied in with the metric mentioned above, organic conversions are a focal point for many strategy assessments because they’re much more telling of how your SEO strategy works in yielding results. By taking the time to gloss over this crucial information, you can make adjustments accordingly to get even more out of your efforts while boosting the ROI on your investments!

Metric #3: Page speed

Even though it doesn’t seem as “groundbreaking” or as riddled with complexities as any other metric, page speed plays a pivotal role and must be watched out for because of the “snowball” effect it has on your success. 

Page speed plays a bigger role in determining the success of a strategy far more than most people give it credit for because it’s one of the main components a visitor interacts with. Through the help of this metric, you can save yourself lots of time and frustration while making the most out of each customer’s visit by either adding or subtracting for faster load times!


Among all the different components you’ll interact with when building a foolproof SEO marketing strategy, none could possibly levy a greater impact on the return of your efforts than the metrics you follow. Once you take the time to keep an eye on the right pieces of data, you’ll be able to act accordingly and get all the finer details right so that you can climb the ranks on search engine results with ease! 

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