3 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Marketing Strategy

The thing with digital marketing is that there is no specific formula for it. It’s up to you as the business owner and your marketing team to figure out what works and what doesn’t. However, one thing to help you stay afloat in these ever-changing times is to know which mistakes you should definitely avoid, such as: 

1. Lack of an Onsite Content Plan

Before Google released the Panda algorithm update, one-page microsites were a common occurrence on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These sites rank on the SERPs because of their strong inbound links. It was all about the inbound links then, with little focus on the quality of the content. 

That all changed when Google rolled out the Panda update. The update heavily favors websites that contain strong and quality content, and these are the sites that Google is ranking on the SERPs. Today, you can add into the content all the keywords that you need to rank, but if it doesn’t live up to the quality standards of Google, then you might be better off trashing the content draft.

An effective way to ensure quality and valuable content that Google will rank is to have a proper onsite content plan in place. Many business owners would typically “wing” it, and just write anything they feel like writing about. This kind of strategy sets you up for significant content failure. 

Consider creating a content plan that will guide you to get the results that you want. A plan will keep you focused, and when you’re focused, you get to craft high-quality content. 

Create quality content that has lasting value, such as infographics that dissect data in a new way, blog posts that offer fresh perspectives on current trends, vlogs with advice based on personal experience, and the like.

2. Lack of an Offsite Content Plan

It’s not only your onsite content plan that you should think about. You have to consider your offsite content plan as well, and this includes your links. Quality backlinks still play a significant role in today’s digital marketing world, and Google is still very particular with the links to and from your website. 

A considerable part of your offsite content plan is your link building strategies, which also requires an effective and well-thought-out plan. If you plan to hire someone to do this, be cautious. You need to work with someone really experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to link building, to ensure that your site has the best quality links. 

3. Lack of a Campaign Budget

Running ad campaigns for your marketing is essential. However, many business owners fail to grasp the importance of devoting enough budget to the campaign. In turn, they would usually hire low-priced SEO providers who deliver poor quality services. 

Successful marketing campaigns online today have one thing in common—a significant marketing campaign budget. When you truly invest in your marketing campaigns, you will not fall for low-priced offers, but rather, your main focus will be the quality of the services, regardless of its price.


Online marketing is a tough market to break in because of the tight competition. To add to that, search engines continue to release updates with little to no warning, which will leave you with no choice but to adapt and work on your backends and frontends to meet the new standards. With the three deadly online marketing sins listed above, you know exactly what NOT to do, which will help you stay on the right path despite the unending search engine updates and online marketing developments. 

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