3 Digital Marketing Tips Businesses Need To Try

2020 is the official start of a new decade, which is a good way to start yet another fruitful time for your business. Although things may currently be rough, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Given that everyone’s stuck in their homes, people are on their mobile devices now more than ever. Industries are on the rise despite the pandemic, making the perfect time to rethink marketing strategies now.

Don you thinking caps and think about what the decade will bring—in such unprecedented times, anything is possible. Driven by an increasingly digital world, here are some digital marketing tips to ponder on:

Tip #1: Creating video content for better engagement 

With the rise of TikTok and the steady success of YouTube, it’s only logical to assume that video should now be considered as a critical part of campaigns. Understand that consumers do not follow a linear decision-making process. They continuously go back and forth doing research, all in an attempt to support their decision to purchase a product. 

Since attention spans decrease by the day, countless online shoppers turn to video content to support their buying decisions. Videos that contain answers about product information and reviews are compelling, including hauls and recommendations by various influencers on social media. 

That said, make sure to integrate video content and marketing into your brand campaigns. Not only does it boost conversions, but it also encourages better engagement. Product demonstrations and comparisons can be of great help for more complex products, for instance, whereas tutorial and recipe videos can benefit those in the food market. 

Tip #2: Look into the value of AI

The idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) may be daunting, but it’s undoubtedly where our future is headed. It’s difficult to avoid now, especially since it’s made a mark in today’s digital marketing world. It has contributed to the overhaul of customer service and communication through chatbot, also aiding in email marketing by harnessing customer information. 

Through AI, businesses no longer have to allocate resources on employees performing mundane tasks, and instead focus on training their people for more meaningful purposes. In essence, AI is shaping how businesses operate, streamlining processes to ensure steady growth and ultimately, success. 

Tip #3: Get down and personal with your audiences 

Consumers today operate in buying behaviors different from decades ago. These days, they like feeling special, wanted, and understood, making greater personalization paramount in the world of modern marketing. Placing personalized messages in lieu of cold and repetitive emails, for instance, will compel customers to respond better. 

Knowing their touchpoints can also help. Equipped with a buyer’s history, you’ll be able to recommend new products best suited for them, thereby encouraging them to do repeat business. A more personalized content shows them that you actually care enough as a brand, signaling the message that you are listening to them. 

The Bottom Line 

From everything discussed, it’s evident that automation will play a critical role in marketing. Investing in audiences is also key to success, and having knowledge about the current and future trends can help you succeed.

The current times have already changed the marketing landscape, accelerating the digital and automation growth in ways unexpected. Businesses that lag behind will struggle in the future, especially since customer demand is also increasing. By putting off change, you risk losing market shares and the chance for growth. 

Don’t let your competitors get ahead—ponder on these digital marketing trends and implement them as soon as you can. 

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