3 Big Practices You Need to Change to Improve Your SEO

Digital marketing is rapidly becoming a necessary tool for website owners, especially businesses, to improve their visibility online. In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to see people who rely on being discovered like freelancers and SMEs without a website.

An essential method in digital marketing is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which more website marketers are incorporating into their whole online marketing strategy. While it takes time to master SEO, most website owners easily absorb its fundamentals, particularly the effective techniques that will lead them to success. However, there are also mistakes that are typically overlooked when it comes to SEO.

Here are five SEO practices you need to change to improve your SEO strategy:

1. Publishing low-quality content

When you’re exploring the waters of SEO, you need to understand that not all users will hop onto a smaller boat when there’s already a humongous ship right in front of them. Metaphors aside, do not post low-quality content to your blog or website, or worse, bombard it with mediocre content. 

Quality wins over quantity in SEO, and by making high-quality content, people won’t really care about the interval between your content. They, however, will have some few words to say, especially if they land on a blog post that’s obviously copied and pasted from another website.

2. Letting your website stay unresponsive

You must remember that SEO is about the overall user-experience; it’s not just keeping track of your analytics or strictly following metrics. People hate unresponsive website, especially in an age when information is right at the tip of their fingers. Users don’t want slow loading sites, clunky and awkward website layouts, buttons that don’t work, and so on. They want speed, efficiency, fluidity, responsiveness, and the like.

If you want to improve your SEO marketing greatly, you need to think about what the users want. Having a remarkable user experience will keep them coming back. Not to mention, it can also be the margin where users will let their peers know about your website or completely forget about it. Once you focus on providing that sleek, clean, and fluid user experience, you’ll have lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates over time.

3. Ignoring the power of high-quality backlinks

Most website owners tend to sleep on the power of having high-quality backlinks on their website. While this is a habit of a lot of people starting out on SEO, there’s a vast majority of owners who don’t utilize backlinks as much.

For the uninitiated, a backlink is essentially a letter of recommendation given to a website from another website. If the information you provide or the services you offer are of high quality, you may earn a backlink from a renowned website organically.


As a website owner, you want to improve and scale your site to increase your chances of higher visibility. By changing some big habits and avoiding the common mistakes, you’ll gradually make your way onto the top of the search engine leaderboards. As long as you focus on providing users the information they need and the experience they deserve, you’re always going to be one step closer to success.

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