3 Benefits of Having a Store Locator on Your Website

There are many different tools you can include on your website to enhance user experience in different ways. One tool that is especially important if you have a brick-and-mortar establishment is a store locator. As the name implies, people who visit your website can use the store locator to pinpoint your business’ location or that of one of your branches.

Having a store locator function can help you in more ways than merely allowing people to find your physical stores. It has a surprising number of benefits that you definitely won’t want to ignore. Here is a quick list that will show you what we mean:

1. Adds purchasing methods 

While many people would rather sit back at home and order the things they need online, there are still those who want to look at products personally before purchasing them. This is especially true in certain industries, like clothing and apparel, where close inspection is usually a pre-purchase requirement.

With a store locator tool available on your website, your customers can either purchase what they want online and choose a nearby location to have it shipped from or use it to locate a store in their area that they can visit instead. Either way, it lets you offer more purchase options for your customers, giving them convenience and more confidence to buy your products. 

2. Enhances user experience

By allowing your customers to locate your online stores quickly, you enhance the overall user experience. This kind of UX will build credibility for your brand, giving it a professional appeal that ultimately attracts more customers. 

By including the necessary information in the store locator, such as contact information and operating hours, you decrease the likelihood of customers leaving your site for one of your competitors. As a result, you retain more loyalty in the long run and improve your sales considerably.

3. Boosts website ranking 

When your website features the right information and functionality like that provided by a store locator, people will be more than happy to come to you for your products or services. Not only that, but they become more likely to recommend your business to other people, creating a compounding effect that brings more customers to your establishment.

As an added benefit, search engines like Google take notice and reward you by improving your site rankings. In other words, including tools like a store locator improves your site’s SEO. Your increased rankings let you gain more visibility, which, in turn, translates to even more sales.


There are many reasons a store locator function on your site is highly beneficial, including improving your website’s findability and improving its user experience. 

The best part is that a store locator function is surprisingly easy to add to your website’s design. There are multiple tools available that can help you make one, and you have access to professionals who can ensure that it works correctly. For very little effort, you get to enjoy several huge advantages that will help you better serve your customers and make more sales!

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