SEO Practices That Won’t Let You Down Throughout 2022

The goal for 2022 is success, and there is no doubt about it. So, you need to be making use of performance-based SEO tactics to achieve your business goals. As with anything, some strategies are going to bring you the most promising results, while others can be left on the backburner as they become less relevant.

This year, get to know the SEO practices that won’t let you down. Here are some tactics you’ll need to focus on to get that competitive edge your business needs:

1 – Location, Location, Location

If you aren’t incorporating your location into your SEO yet, it’s time to get on it. Websites and content perform better when they are optimized for the location where their services are relevant. A large majority of searches nowadays are made with a location specified because users want to find results near them.

So, you should be using local SEO in your content creation this year. Plus, you want your address and business details to pop up on the search results page, so you should also set up your Google My Business.

2 – Unlocking the Right Keywords

Keyword research will be one of your most critical resources throughout this year. You can’t just spam keywords that seem searchable and easy anymore. You need to find the keywords that match search queries, are relevant to your content and services, and that you can feasibly take ownership of in terms of rankings.

Organic ranking will see broad keywords with high commercial intent, while specific service or product ranking will use very curated keywords to create a foothold.

3 – It’s All On-Site

Do you have a site map? Is your website’s visual hierarchy nicely done? Are your pages optimized for keyword searches and visibility?

These are all determining factors when it comes to your visibility. So, despite the need for multi-faceted strategies, you should focus a lot of energy on on-site SEO. This will help you establish yourself as a reputable brand both to visitors and search engine crawlers.

4 – Going Mobile

With so many people using smartphones to access the internet and make purchases, you need to make sure that your site is optimized for mobile use. It’s all about responsive design and ease of navigation.

This will ensure that your mobile visitors will not just leave in a few seconds and can increase the likelihood of return visits. Plus, if your site is already optimized for mobile, it makes it that much easier to get your site listed on mobile-friendly search engine results.

5 – The Way of the Voice

More and more people are using voice commands to conduct their online searches. This means that search engines like Google will have to incorporate voice search into their algorithms. The thing is that major search engines have already started doing so.

Jump on this shift now, as it isn’t just a passing trend. You want to capitalize on those selective voice searches before the scene gets too populated, plus you can gear yourself toward Google’s algorithm better.


Performance-based SEO is all about adapting and knowing what channels to put effort into. Get rid of those old practices of yore and focus on creating high-quality SEO tactics that will take you to the finish line this year.

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